Caleb rolled his eyes as he watch Gerard disappeared in search of another mundane. Cale quickly made his way to the next alley grabbing the nearest meal and biting into his neck.Losing himself the bloodlust, he grabbed the next few mundane and drank them dry.


Growing a little bored of being picky Gerard grabbed a couple of mundanes and pulled them to the side holding one down as he drank the blood of the other. Once they had been drained dry he didn’t bother cleaning himself up before grabbing another. Although his hunger wasn’t yet dying Gerard forced him to savor this one, taking his time to taste the gushing red liquid as it hit his tongue. 



Caleb smirked, nodding at the sight of the alleyway in the corner. Putting a light yet forceful hand on a unsuspecting woman, he pulled her into her alleyway. Quickly compelling her to shut up, Caleb pushed against the wall and bit into her neck. 


Gerardo drank the woman’s blood as quickly as he could, all he thought about was his hunger, his thirst for it. Once he was done with her, Gerardo allowed the corspe to slump down and fall to the ground, he wasn’t bothering to clean up after himself today. Licking the last of her blood off his lips he turned to Caleb to ask if he wanted to stay here for another pick or move on. 


“Great, all the better then.”


Gerard smiled at the vampire before spotting an alleyway out of the corner of his way. Looping his arm through a random women’s who startled at his touch, he dragged her into the alleyway alongside him before pushing her head to the side and sinking his fangs into her neck.


Clan Encounters|| Gerard & Dani


Dani arched her eyebrow at is response, crossing her arms at him. “Completely childish, then what does that about you?” she pointed out with a smirk before looking back down into her lap once she caught the glare he gave her. Her eyes remained fixed on her hands fiddling with the edge of the fraying blanket. Dani’s eyes slowly lifted up to look at Helena who was scolding Gerard like an overbearing mother, Antonin seemed equally uncomfortable as Gerard threatened Helena. “It’s fine Helena, if anyone should be annoyed at him it should be me and I’m not. I’m fine. He’s fine. It’s fine,” Dani said after an unbearable silence between all of them.

She listened with a small smile, pushing back her hair before grimacing at Fionn’s romantic gesture. “That sounds pretty good actually, quite eventful.  The vampire tilted her head, her old pack wasn’t very much a community but when they did get together it was like being with family. “I wouldn’t imagine that the mundane agreed with the sharing. It was nice, although, I probably would have wanted to have my own,” she said with a chuckle.

Gerard turned facing Dani words poisonous “Is he fine? I think he would be extremely angry and she is not as fine as she likes to think.” He stormed out of the room walking into the kitchen where he pulled the fridge door off. In his anger he underestimated his strength and the door came away easily, he dropped the door grabbing blood bags and ripping them. Gerard drank two at a time, the more he drank the hungrier he felt until finally he stopped, blood dripping down his face, empty bags littering the kitchen floor. 

Alvaro came into the kitchen staring at the mess “Volpe?” He questioned sounding worried. Gerardo looked up at him “Leave.” He growled, the other vampire backed out of the kitchen wandering into the living room questioning the other vampires about what had happened.

A Mundane Life|| AU Prompt

Gerard strolled through the streets of downtown New York, on his way to finish a contract. Some might have considered Gerard’s enterprise immoral, wrong and corrupted but hey it was the family business. Well not quite, Gerard’s real parents were rather useless and Gerard had ignored them finding himself a life. He supposed the best way to describe what he did was to compare himself with a mafia leader. He and his ‘clan’ (as they were called) offered multiple services to the people of New York, all at hefty prices of course but the people wanting his services could more than often pay up. Or find someway to be beneficial to him.

Without a doubt Gerard’s favourite service they offered was contract killing. Although it was the one that had initially brought his clan to the attention of the authorities-not that they could ever prove anything- it definitely brought in the most money. It was also one Gerard would often participate in himself, in fact he was the one who carried out most of the jobs. In this case a CEO wanted to silence an employee had gained some… damaging evidence.

Silently allowing himself in the apartment Gerard found his target slumped over sleeping on the couch empty pizza box next to him. Reaching for his blade, the leather gloves he wore rubbed together but the target didn’t stir as Gerard made his way over to him. Gerard slit the target’s wrists watching as the blood ran away before pressing the blade to his throat, at the feel of the cold blade pressed against his throat the target spluttered awake.

Gerard smiled as the man began to panic watching as his blood dripped its way down the sofa before pulling his blade confidently along the throat. He stood for a couple of minutes watching the blood drain away leaving an empty pale corpse. He left his signature mark behind for that enticingly persistent FBI agent to find. A single black raven feather. Retrieving the information for the CEO Gerard slipped out the apartment satisfied with another job well done.

Alcoholic Tales|| Gerardo and Caleb


Downtown Manhattan was full of fresh meals, fresh drunk meals. Eyeing the crowds, he spotted a girl stumble out of a club, teetering in her heels leaning against the wall weakly. Grabbing her and pulling her into an alleyway where the club’s music could still be heard loudly bit into her neck, his hand firmly clamped over her mouth. 

He could hear her heartbeat pounding in her chest, then it gradually started to slow – if he where in the mood, he would have stopped but he wanted to drink his fill tonight. All of it. Once her heart finally stopped he let her body drop to the ground, lying limply on the floor. Stepping over the body he stood at the edge of the alleyway awaiting another victim as he wiped the blood lazily from his mouth.

Gerard stumbled from the alley through the crowd looking for someone who wouldn’t be missed. Luckily Broadway had loads of stumbling idiots unluckily Gerard couldn’t chose he supposed that’s what happened when you have too much choice. 

Until he got the scent of AB- a rare blood which made Gerard’s stomach pang with hunger, his fangs pushing against his gums as he locked on to the scent. Quickly and efficiently he navigated through the crowd before pulling the meal into another alley he clamped their mouth and nose suffocating them, stopping any yells. His fangs ripped into their neck, Gerard was thinking about being careful any more he was just thinking about the hunger. It felt like mere seconds as he stood over a now slumped body, blood all over himself Gerard looked down his shirt covered in blood. A little annoyed at his own sloppiness he pulled his jecket clsoe before throwing the body in a dumpster. The bang attracting a police officer patrolling the Broadway. “Sir?” they called out gun and torch pointing in Gerard’s direction, they saw the blood all over his face voice hardening “Sir, I’m going to ask you to kneel." 

Gerard grinned manically stepping forward in a blur pinning the officer to the wall fangs flashing again as he for the third time that night plunged them into another neck. He took his time with this one savouring each drop, draining their life slowly, listening to their heartbeat slow down and their deep breaths turn to wet gasps. Once down he pulled back watching as the life left their eyes the officer closing their eyes and falling to the ground. Ripping off a scrap of the officer’s shirt Gerard used it to wipe his face before dumping it and the officer alongside the other body in the dumpster. Returning to the Broadway Gerard watched as the people floated past unaware of what had just happened in the alleyway, watching for Cale to resurface from the crowd. 

Alcoholic Tales|| Gerardo and Caleb


“Oh, shut up Beltrano,” Caleb said, eyeing every mundane hungrily – today he wasn’t in the mood to cover up his intentions. No, he just wanted to rip into someone’s throat without the hassle or the pretence. He wanted to go back to basic instincts for once and give in. “I wouldn’t suggest Soho, unless you want a really bad trip,” Caleb laughed, drug fuelled blood was never a good idea.

Thinking about the question a little more seriously, he hummed to himself before deciding to catch up to the vampire easily he tapped him on the shoulder. “For drunk blood bags, how about downtown Manhattan plenty of good drunk snacks stumbling out of the bars and clubs.”

“Fuck snacks. I want a three course meal.” Gerard told at the vampire. He was hungry and he wasn’t just going to settle for a litre or two, he want the whole enchilada. Sure Artemis would probably be pissed off if she found out but hey it’s wasn’t the last mundane he had killed and it wouldn’t be the last.  "Sounds good, let’s go.“

Once they reached Lower Manhattan Gerard searched through the crowd trying to find someone drunk enough and stupid enough for him to eat. Then he saw a girl tottering through the crowd, one high heel in hand as she yelled goodbye at her friend, without a word to Caleb Gerard compelled the girl into the nearest alleyway. 

"Well hello handsome” She giggled as he pinned her to the wall lifting her head to expose her neck, quickly sinking his fangs into her neck. She moaned in excitement, still compelled, while Gerard eagerly hungrily drank from her. Although drunk he was experienced and he could have easily stopped leaving her unconscious but alive, he chose not to. Instead draining her of every drop before pulling his fangs from her neck and allowing her pale dead body to drop to the ground. Happy but still hungry Gerard emerged from the alley looking for his next meal.