Gerardo Beltrano & Dani Raine || Moodboard (1/?)

“Whatever you love me.”



Gerardo Beltrano & Artemis Trang Moodboard (2/?)

I can erase you and forget you but I can’t undo you"


Gerardo Beltrano || Moodboard (1/?)


Artemis Trang & Gerardo Beltrano || Moodboard

“We can’t do us again.”


Archetypes | DEATH

A shadow creeping through the darkness, just beyond the realm of light of which you dwell in. It haunts you; ever watching, ever waiting. It comes on slowly at first, inching towards your light. Drawn to it like a bug towards a flame. It prepares to grab you, rip you apart, alter your very existence forever. It knows no mercy. It knows no forgiveness, and is deaf to your pleading agony. A dramatic change in your world; that which was order is now shattered. Death comes like an old friend, time and again — not to all, but to many. And most are not prepared for what comes next.



He is beloved and he is feared, and he walks among his people armed with cold steel and kind words. There is a massacre ready behind his eyes and war written on his body. He is above honour but not deceit, for though he fears no evil and will bow to no god, all others must or suffer his wrath. He hunts for glory like lesser men hunt for freedom. Maps of his lands roll out beneath his fingertips, and with his eyes closed he can trace every line of the blood, love and dread upon which he builds his empire. He knows his land and his people as a sailor knows the tide. Fate’s fickle fingers cannot drag him to the shadows, for his will is the stronger. He is to become the architect of a new world, written in among the dire myths of those gone before. Oblivion is his only fear.

He is Alexander, he is Caesar; he is war, he is conqueror.