Clan Encounters|| Gerard & Dani



Dani had gotten a message from Jeanne earlier, at the time the vampire was confused, what could Jeanne be texting her about? Had she even given them her number? She had given her number to the French vampire when they saw each in the Pandemonium, reading the message she smiled – it was an invitation to dinner at their new clan house. She wasn’t surprised that they’d made the decision to move after last time she went, they probably had left a slaughter in their wake after killing the mundane vampire hunters. Considering that she had nothing but time, she messaged them back agreeing to go. After quickly getting ready and locating the address, Dani picked up the keys to Gerardo’s bike and left the Institute . if he ever found out that she was going to visit his clan he’d probably strangle her.

It didn’t take her too long to get there and when she did, she was greeted by Alvaro who had run out looking a little deflated but amused at seeing her. She figured that he must have been expecting Gerardo, dangling the keys in front of him she demonstrated that she still had temporary ownership over the Clan Leader’s bike. Walking into the house she was immediately greeted by the vampires she’d met on her last visit: Helena, Jeanne, Charlie, Sienna, Angus, Reinhart (who still looked suspicious of her), Nikolaj, Chenglei, Fion, Blake, Riley, Catalina and Hana. She was then introduced to the rest of them who asked her about what had gone down last time. At least they didn’t think that she was with Gerardo in that way anymore but they were still asking if she was joining the clan.

Half an hour had passed just chatting in general getting introduced to the others, hanging around in the kitchen waiting for the lasagne to finishing cooking when Dani heard the sound of someone walking up to the house. Dani frowned to herself, another clan member? She noticed that Alvaro quickly disappeared from the room shouting ‘Volpe!’ to someone. Wait. Isn’t that what he called Gerard the first time he brought her here, the whole room was looking towards the door now waiting for a reply. It was Gerard … shit.

The whole room was looking at her now, she shrugged nonchalantly at them waiting for the old grump to come in. They all parted giving him way once he stepped into the room, traitors, she thought to herself narrowing her eyes at them before grinning brightly at the clan leader as his clan answered his questions. She rolled her eyes as he gave out the chores and started to help them, grabbing some cutlery and plates in one go. Waitressing in New Orleans for a short time was actually coming in handy.

“You don’t look too happy to see me and to think I was going to give your bike keys back, I think I’m going to have to reconsider,” Dani said shaking her head at him with a disappointed pout, before walking a little and turning around, “Oh, and to answer your last question. I found Jeanne in the Pandemonium and gave her my number, you ass, I heard what you said to Sera. Shame on you.”

Between the six of them it didn’t take long to get the table ready outside for dinner. Everyone took their seats and everyone insisted and Gerard and herself sat beside each other – what they were trying to achieve or prove was beyond her. Finally with the Clan Leader’s permission they all started eating. The lasagne to Sienna’s credit was amazing, absolutely delicious but that still didn’t break the silence or the tension.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join the clan Dani? You’d fit in seamlessly,” Jeanne asked her, break the silence as everyone started eating.

“Yeah, we could use someone who could tell him off once in a while,” Charlie snickered under his breath, earning a few more laughs.

“Remind you on anyone?” Helena coughed witha smirk.

Dani chewed the piece of food in her mouth before answering. “Like I said before, I don’t think I’m ready to be in a clan again and I have major issues with authority figures so … I’ll have to decline the offer,” she said with a small smile, before chuckling to myself, “Besides Gerry wouldn’t want me here and I wouldn’t want him as a Clan Leader. We know too much about each other, right?”

“Like what?” Reinhart asked, staring at the two of them.

“Like pasts and stuff,” Dani said vaguely before looking up nervously at Gerard, taking another bite out of her meal. 

“Helena, shut the fuck up if I hear another word out of you you’ll regret it. Reinhart stop sticking your bloody nose in where it’s not fucking wanted. We’ll talk about Seraphina later Danielle not that I really consider it to be any on your business.” He addressed them curtly pissed off by both their insistent chatter and because they had interrupted his dinner. “As for the rest of you Danielle is here as a guest and a guest only after this point if there is any talk of her joining the clan it better becoming from her lips and hers only. Capiche?”

The clan nodded knowing that it was best just to agree with Gerard and they continue on with their dinner talking silently among themselves while they began talking louder and more freely as time went on there still remained an underlying tension. Especially from those who had been scolded in particular Helena who was sulking in the corner her plate pushed away glaring while Fionn tried to console her. Gerard’s mood, already darkened by the surprise presence of Dani, was now pitch black as he finished over his plate before stalking over to the living room not looking to see if anyone followed him.

Walking into the living room he strode over to the TV which he punched on as well as the XBOX underneath getting Call of Duty ready to play before collapsing on couch with the controller in his hand. Few (excluding the clan) knew it but video games, especially the more violent ones, were a guilty pleasure of his as he express his frustrations without actually going on a murderous outrage which would no doubt result in another move for the clan. If this was 50, maybe 40 years ago he wouldn’t have cared he would have stormed out of the house and drained at least 5 mortals but alas they had progressed since then and although he did regularly go active for someone to eat a mass murder would only attract unnecessary attention.  

He sighed impatient as he waited for the game to load and once it had he eagerly began punching the buttons expertly and skilfully completing the missions on each level. About ten minutes in he heard some people walk into the living room, Charlie and Blake asking if they could join in on the game. Nodding his consent the three vampires began massacring the digitalised people while members of their clan murmured around them. 


Clan Encounters|| Gerard and Dani


Gerard sighed, after his probably life threatening (as in holyshittheclaveandothermembersoftheinstitutearegoingtobepissedthatipointedoutherstupidinsecruties) conversation with Seraphina Lightwood he decided to visit he clan house, which after the incident that occurred last time had moved. If the clan asked he was visiting them (which they probably call bullshit on) if someone from the Institute asked he was going to check up on them (Danielle would just tell him he’s bullshitting). Internally shrugging no one needed to know any otherwise-though even if was being honest, it was more of tactical retreat more than anything, he was certain after a couple of days the whole thing would blow over. It was about midnight when he left the church building, if he had left any earlier they’d definitely know he was bullshitting, but it also made for a good walk through the City. Since Danielle still had his bike, he didn’t really have any other choice, and he didn’t really want a new bike he was quite partial to the one he already had thank you very much.

As he approached the house he saw parked outside the house a bike….looking suspiciously like his own, increasing his pace he casually sniffed the bike to determine the smell. Which was 100% Danielle Raine, no mistaking he knew it as well as any other. He cursed, this meant she was inside and causing havoc, again. He was tempted to turn around and walk to the nearest bar, drink and find someone who didn’t need the blood they boasted, but like before a familiar face emerged from the front door crying “Volpe!”
“Really Alváro, do you stand guard at the door awaiting my arrival?”
“Not at all Volpe, I just knew that with the arrival of our guest you wouldn’t be far behind and I was right.”

He smiled at his clan leader, before answering the questions he knew Gerard would want the answers to. “It’s been about an hour, she fits in perfectly and while she hadn’t met everyone last time no one thinks you’re boning her. However, some are under the impression, encouraged by Helena naturally, that she was taken her ‘rightful’ place as your little sister. An idea, they’ve yet to present to her but no doubt you’ll both deny it so I don’t know if they will say anything. Ah, yes she is also creating what you would describe as a disaster of epic proportions and the rest of us consider entertainment. Miss Dani is currently presiding in the kitchen and Sienna has lasagne in the oven for you.”

Nodding Gerard decided it was probably best to go in and see what Miss Raine was up to. As he walked thought the house, Alváro behind him, he noticed that he wasn’t greeted by members of his clan wandering through the house. In fact, if he concentrated he would have to guess they were all in the kitchen, and he was right. When he walked in the kitchen the other 34 members of his clan and Dani were cramped in the kitchen, as he neared her the clan parted like the Red Sea eager to watch the two vampires interact.
“And just what, Danielle, do you think you are doing here?”
“I invited her” Jeanne called out from the throng
“I sent her our address” Helena, Catalina and Charlie joined in.
“How do you even have her number?” He asked as he turned to he glare at his clan members. Just about to berate them further when Sienna came pushing her way through the crowd claiming that her lasagne was ready. She opened the ridiculously big (and expensive) oven to pull out for five trays of lasagne and set them on the side to cool down.

“Someone set the tables, or just get cutlery.” She asked, the clan immediately began offering other people to do the jobs and leaving out of the kitchen in an attempt to avoid the menial labour. “I don’t care who does it, but if no one does you’re not getting any food.” Sienna continued placing bread in the oven to warm it up and pulling salad from the fridge.

Seeing a chance for revenge, no matter how small, Gerard seized the opportunity “Well I do.” Some members of the clan groaned while others laughed knowing they’re going to get stuck with the chores. “Catalina-plates, tissues and cutlery. Charlie-push the tables together, get some sheets to cover them with and make sure there are enough chairs to fit everyone. Jeanne- glasses.”

The Frenchwoman smirked until Gerard added that she would be filling the dishwasher after dinner as well. “Finally, Helena, you wash everything else such as the lasagne pans and Fionn you dry.”
“What did I do?” The Irishman protested.
“You could have stopped Helena.”
“Have you met Helena? I couldn’t have stopped her if I tried.”
Gerard raised an eyebrow at the vampire who sighed conceding “Fine.. geez.”
“By the way” Gerard added “We’re eating outside.”
“Why outside? We donnae usually eat outside.” Angus asked
“I’m well aware of that Angus but we have a guest, and it is a longer distance from the kitchen to carry plates and such.”


Fifteen minutes later everyone went outside to sit at the tables while Sienna and Alváro brought out the food. They began sitting down Gerard near the middle insisting that Danielle sit next to him while the others arranged themselves accordingly, once they had all sat down and had a plateful of lasagne, salad and a piece of bread he said “Bon Appetito.”

Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



Dani was already rolling her eyes  and crossing her arm when ducked at the sound of  glass smashing and banging. What the hell was going on now? She thought to herself, as the room began to fill in with mundane … with garlic, lighters, guns. Mundane hunters, that was sincerely the cherry on the cake. She really hated them more than shadowhunters by miles but she wasn’t letting the opportunity slip from her using the confusion and Gerard’s shift in focus provided a perfect opportunity. She quickly zipped around Gerardo, slyly taking out his motorbike keys and pocketing them for herself – she could have a very soft touch when she wanted to.

“This really isn’t the time to start chastising your clan,” Dani reminded Gerardo. “There are more pressing details at hand.”

Dani turned to look at hunter, arching her brow with an amused smile at twenty year old woman who came into the room, while Gerardo threatened them. That was so not the way to deal with hunters, it only emboldened them even more. 

“If I may, I’d like to point a couple of things out to you, darling,” Dani started with a sigh. “You may outnumber us, but we have speed, strength and experience which always tops numbers. Hell, I could file my nails and rip your head off if I wanted to. Second, if you think we’re going to have an adverse reaction to garlic, I hate to break it to you but that myth is actually a myth. Third, guns aren’t going to stop us or kill us. So if you know what’s best for you … I suggest you leave now, and start drinking heavily to forget all about this.”

By the end of her speech she had made her way through the hunter successfully, considering that they were already starting to back off slightly. Turning back to the clan and Gerard she smirked, before waving his motorbike keys at him.

“Now that I’m here, I should say I’m not his girlfriend nor am I part of the clan. Seriously get some imagination,” she said to the hunters, turning back to the vampires. “Have fun, I am really going to miss out on this slaughter but it was really nice meeting you all, maybe I’ll see you later. Oh, Gerard you owe me. Ta!”

Running out of the house, Dani quickly hopped onto the bike smiling once more at the house and driving off.

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Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



“How many times do I have to say it I’m not going out with Gerry here, seriously … No,” Dani said for the nth time, feeling more than a little exasperated by now

So that was all he’d really got from the conversation, Dani arched an eyebrow at him, you’d think after all the times she’d said she wasn’t his girlfriend he would get the hint. She wasn’t exactly being subtle about it. A small part of her couldn’t help but be amused – how could they all live under the same roof and not tear each other apart.

The argument between Helena and the vampire which had just entered the oom, Chenglei was starting to take an interesting turn. Black heart Gerardo was sort of with someone and he fucked it up. That was something she would have never have guessed. Between the two vampires she was getting fragments of the story. They left and it ended. Artemis? Dani could have sworn that name rung bells but she couldn’t pin point why.

Dani had been so stuck in her thoughts that the next thing she knew was that Helena and Chenglei were fighting each other. She watched the fight and looked up at Gerard he looked deceptively calm that much she could tell and from the looks of it he had no intention of getting himself involved and stopping the fight anytime soon. Her clan would never hesitate to split up a fight and then punish those involved himself – a house divided could not rule.

“Want to place a bet on who wins?” Jeanne asked her, leaning over her shoulder.

“I’ll put ten bucks on Helena. Chenglei has skills but Helena is much faster and speed counts in a fight,” Dani agreed, watching the fight closely.

It wasn’t long before Helena had the vampire pinned to the ground, asking him to yield. Hold out her hand Dani smirked as she felt the ten dollars hit her hand, tucking them away into her bra. Then Chenglei called Helena a ‘crazy bitch’ which had Dani immediately on her feet looking up to Gerardo for his reaction. Neither of them looked pleased at Gerardo’s orders but complied anyway, slowly moving off each other still glaring.

She scoffed at his next words, he wasn’t going to shake her off that easily and he knew that. He also didn’t seem too comfortable with them knowing what she knew which meant that his clan didn’t know his story. There he went again with Artemis, why didn’t he want her to know anything about that she knew most of his life story already. Then it hit her, where she recognised the name, it couldn’t be her but it had to be her… He had to be kidding. She couldn’t stop staring at him, shocked at her own revelation until Charlie remind her about her plan, snapping her out of her train of thoughts while Reinhart asked Gerard another question which she wasn’t paying particular attention to. “Oh that, I’ll be getting to that soon just watch out,” she answered absent-mindedly, as her mind ran around.

Suddenly there was silence and the entire room looked at her and then Gerardo before looking back at her. She didn’t quite understand why until they erupted into an interrogation of her knowledge about Gerard. Would she answer them? No, he’d been gracious enough not to say anything about her past so she wasn’t going to say anythibg about his.

“I’m afraid it all the answers to you questions were told to me in the utmost confidence so I can’t tell you anything this time, sorry,” she said apologetically before frowning to herself as another realisation dawned on her as she looked up at Gerard glaring at him. “You’re a hypocrite, you know that right? You had the gall to call me out and nerve to mock me for falling for a werewolf when you did the exact same thing.”

The clan stared at her amazed, at what seemed to them like her steadfast loyalty as she refused to tell them what they all desired to know: Gerard’s backstory. Of course the elder vampires knew some of Gerard’s mundane life but still knew very little, and they had told the young vampires but while Gerard knew all about them they had never managed to get anything out of him. Even Alvard who was his second and the closest to the clan leader hadn’t ever been told a snippet. To hear that this stranger knew all about him, shocked them, it meant to their knowledge that only two people knew about Gerard’s past, one being of course Dani, the other Artemis. Then when she called him a hypocrite they sat eagerly to see how Gerard responded, very few got away with insulting him. Her statement also gave them a little insight to her and her life; evidently she had fallen in love with a werewolf and by the fact that Gerard mocked they could only guess that it didn’t end well. Some of the clan (basically just Helena, who likes to think that her fangirling is a secret, but some of the others too) admired Dani for standing up to their clan leader. Don’t get them wrong, they loved him and were all very loyal to him, but they also loved it when on the rare occasion some took him on. Well, someone with an actual chance of winning and by the looks of it Dani did.

Gerard rolled his eyes “No, Danielle, I did not fall for her nor did I get her killed.” He added a little spitefully, he would have continued if he hadn’t been interrupted by a series of bang and smashes. Windows caved in, doors banged opened and tiles shattered. Gerard and his clan were suddenly on high alert as the house became flooded with mundanes, all carrying guns, and bulbs of garlic and from what Gerard could smell lighters. “What is going on here?” Gerard asked directing his question to his clan. The mundanes paused for a second confused while Angus answered “Dinna we tell ye? We have not been on with the locals. One of them has the Sight and she, Jeanne and Catalina may have had an arguament when we arrived.”

Growling Gerard yelled “And you didn’t it imperative to tell me before!? Imbeciles!”

“It dinna become a problem before now.”

“Your fault I’m afraid.” A new voice entered the scene as a young woman, mid-twenties, entered the room. “We were waiting for the clan leader to arrive, and we knew you had when we saw you on your bike with your… ladyfriend. I mean, apart from the fact that you were new here they flocked home.”

“Dio mio, they aren’t dating.” Alvaro interrupted pointing at Gerard and Dani. “He’s in love with someone else. A werewolf no less. They’re like Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler. Except she’s Sherlock and he’s Irene.”

Turning to his second Gerard said “Alvie, shut up.” He faced the mundane leader again his voice full of acid “If you and your… accomplices leave now I may be lenient, but you stay by the time the sun rises not one of you will have a drop of blood left in your bodies.”  

Speech is silver, Silence is golden. | Gerardo & Katerina



Deleting his words she wrote, I don’t care. They do something I will stop them! She gave him his mobile phone back, rolling her eyes muttering “Stupid children of the night..” Katerina stopped in her tracks, she could whisper, there was literally coming words out of her mouth. Finally! Shewas looking at Gerardo, wondering if he heard it and immediately there was a grin on her face.

Gerard looked up at the shadowhunter halfway in responding to her, surprised as he actually heard what she had said but angered by the words.
You are quick to assume the wrong in people, shadowhunter, just because my clan had the opportunity doesn’t mean they will always take it. Of course if I had known about this sooner I probably would have told the to go out and paint the town red but alas…” He tried to sound intimidating but he was forced to whisper and it didn’t really have the same effect.

Speech is silver, Silence is golden. | Gerardo & Katerina



After reading the words she throw the phone back, looking at him with an expression that said. ‘Or what?’ She stood there confidently not caring if someone of his clan would get hurt, if they break the law they had to face the consequences.

Gerard merely raised an eyebrow at the shadowhunter I’m sure you have a vivd imagination. Use it. He typed out tossing the phone. He watched Katerina assessing her, he was sure she try and put ul a good fight even if he had been thinking of doing what she was accusing. But he hadn’t so he wasn’t too bothered.

Speech is silver, Silence is golden. | Gerardo & Katerina



Kat took the phone raising an eyebrow as she looked at him. It is if they’re going to abuse this situation tonight to go out and create chaos. No one would be able to hear a thing, that’s quite tempting, isn’t it? She gave him back his phone, crossing her arms with a serious expression on her face. A few would definitely abuse this and Katerina would stop it, maybe not everyone but everyone she could catch.

Taking the phone Gerard eyebrows rose as he read the text, as he typed out his response his eyes narrowed in anger. Watch what you say, little shadowhunter. Giving Katerina the phone he took a step back annoyed by the shadowhunter’s suggestion.