The vampire nodded, twiddling his thumbs while waiting for Artemis to return. Seeing the blood renewed his hunger, and he eagerly pawed at the bags ripping them open and spilling half the blood in gusto. The rest lasted seconds as he downed it. “Thanks.” Gerard half smiled at the werewolf, knowing that if she hadn’t come he still wouldn’t be eating.

Jumping back when the blood spilled on the floor, not that she was surprised. He had been starved. “You don’t thank me, I wasn’t going to let you starve,” she said softly, before arching her brow at the mess on the floor, “I’m not cleaning this up.”

“Still.” He half smiled before looking at the blood all over the floor and shrugged, he hadn’t been expecting Artemis to clean it for him. “Leave it for Ophelia then. I don’t care.”


“I am. not. hungry.” Gerard insisted, pleading her to let it go. To not make him explain how dead the greater demon had left him. How it had tormented him with his own memories, twisted them into nightmares. “I don’t want to eat.”

“Not when they’re packed like this, and filled with ridiculous drunk teenagers, no.” Gerard admitted glaring at someone to his left who had tripped and briefly grabbed onto the vampire’s arm to support themselves.


“I’m not quite sure, I was a very different person. I’m glad that you didn’t even get a whiff of a younger me to be honest and I would hace hated it.”

“I would have destroyed you.” The vampire told her, knowing that in some way it was true, one way or another he would have. “And then you wouldn’t have become the woman I lo.. know now.”