Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



“Yeah, well let’s just say Gerry had I had a rocky start and we haven’t gone quite past that yet nor do I ever think we will. So I don’t know why he brought me here, especially after our last conversation which is why I’m wondering why he would kidnap me and bring me here,” Dani said with a sigh, shaking her head.  “Great to know that I’m not the only one who thinks so – I pissed him off the first time but to be perfectly fair he crossed the line, so I know what you mean.”

Dani bit her lip, looking for a moment at her boot at the questions. It really did hurt to say no to them. She was almost thankful when the other vampire butted in and literally saved her from having to reply.

“Thank you,” she said quietly, offering the guy a small smile before laughing. “Oh that, I can’t tell you because he’d hear me and that would ruin the surprise. And I would hate for that to happen.”

She turned to look at Gerardo, he knew that she didn’t like being called Danielle. Rolling her eyes, saved by the two new arrivals she slipped out of the overcrowded kitchen into the living room, finding somewhere that wasn’t the loveseat to sit. She scoffed when he entered and threw the book at the couple, swatting him on the arm and glaring at him.

“You seriously do need to get a girlfriend, Gerry,” she said pointedly at him, before taking a seat on the couch and finishing the pizza slice in her hand.

Dani had to laugh at the sudden outburst by the entire clan as they yelled in unison against the music. She had to wince that was more than harsh but it was still funny. The vampire looked at her, then at Gerardo and frowned before smiling and sitting down next to her.

“You must be Gerardo’s girlfriend, you know he’s never brought a girl back before – lucky you,” she said before Danielle could say a word. “And are you joining us, we could always use another girl around, I’m Catalina.”

“I’m not his girlfriend, I’m not fucking him either and I’m joining the clan,” Dani said, trying not to scream. “And before you say we’re friends Gerry, we’re not. We’re just acquaintances from the Institute.”

“An acquaintance he’s brought home,” said another unfamiliar male walking into the room with a smirk on his face, who’d she hadn’t seen before. “A very pretty acquaintance he’s brought home.”

“Stop making her uncomfortable, you’re scaring her away,” an Austrailian vampire piped in.

“You must be really new to this, if you don’t have a clan,” the girl sitting on the loveseat , Riley asked her curiously leaning forward.

“I’m not, I’m about two hundred years old now,” Dani said quietly, before taking a long sip from her glass, knowing where this conversation was likely to be heading truly feeling uncomfortable.

“You must already be in a clan then,” Riley said.

Dani fell silent staring into her glass, when she looked up the vampires she recognised as Angus and Helena and Reinhart were all staring at her – almost suspiciously. Reinhart walked in along with all the others from the kitchen, still with bed head stopping to look his fellow clan members and then at her.

“What’s the Institute like?” Reinhart finally asked. 

“What the hell do I need a girlfriend for?” Gerard asked Dani, annoyed by her continued persistence.  Riley grinned as she noticed Dani hit her clan leader on the arm “Cool, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone hit Gerry and get away with it. Teach me.”

Gerard rolled his eyes “Riley, if you ever hit me I will burn your Game of Thrones collection while you watch.” Although a relatively minor threat it still had the desired effect as the vampire curled back into the sofa (and Blake, who patted his girlfriend on the back in sympathy.) Facing his inquisitive clan members telling them “No clan talk. Danielle’s private life is her own, and you lot don’t need to know anything she doesn’t want to share.”

“Which means you already know and don’t want to tell us.” Helena interpreted

“Of course, you think I would have brought her here without knowing everything?” He asked her smirking.

“Spoil sport.”  She told him before turning to Dani “You know one of the definitions in the dictionary for a friend is ‘a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.’  Considering the fact that Gerard is willing to keep your past from us, I think we can infer that he clearly has some sort of feelings for you, despite the fact that he ‘has no emotions’.” Helena rolled her eyes continuing “So you might want to stop trying to fool us with your ‘we’re just acquaintances thing.”

Piper looked up from her phone adding “Another definition is ‘a person who is on good terms with another’ and from what I’ve seen neither you or Gerard are hostile to each other and trust me I’ve seen Gerard hostile, in comparison this is him being nice.”

Gerardo smirked “Well, Danielle what is your response to that?”

“Hvem bryr seg, I asked a question. One of you answer it.” Reinhart demanded.

Raising an eyebrow at the Norwegian Gerard drawled “Reinhart, it is a church building full of shadowhunters, werewolves, warlocks, faeries and vampires. What do you fucking expect?”

Taken back slightly by the clan leader’s answer Reinhart replied “How ‘bout a little more elaboration? Gerard, for God’s sake, you’re living in one of the Clave’s buildings, tell us something about it. “

“As I recall Reinhart, you weren’t very interested when the offer was first made, so right now you don’t get a fucking opinion. It is a church, it is boring, and it is dull.  That is as much elaboration you are going to bloody-well get. Now shut up, sit down and eat some fucking pizza.”

The room was silent for a minute or two as Reinhart silently sulked and Gerard continued to eat his pizza, when Valentina stormed in annoyed “Do you mind? I’m trying to compose.”

“You know you never compose well when you’re surrounded by the clan, so why aren’t you in a studio?”

“The owner left on holiday before I could compel her to give me the key, she won’t be back until next week.”

“So wait until she returns.”

“You make it sound easy, I have a new idea and I need to get it down before I… Who are you?” Valentina asked confused as she noticed Dani.  

“Dani” Alvaro answered “A vampire living in the Institute with Gerard. They’re not sleeping together.”

“Not a surprise Alvaro, when has Gerard ever bought someone he has slept with to meet us.” She asked him before turning to Dani. “Hello, I’m Valentina. Nice to meet you.”


Midnight Snack|| Caleb & Gerardo



TRIGGERS: Blood, violence

Cale washed his face from the blood and his hands, he looked over to the girl slumped on the bathroom floor. He sighed to himself, hauling her over his shoulder he set her on the bed leaving the room key on the bedside table and exiting the room – waiting patiently for the other vampire to hurry up and leave the room. He listened in, rolling his eyes as the other vampire was just now draining the life of the girl.

“Finally, you like to take your time don’t you?” Cale chuckled once Gerardo left the room, starting to head to the elevator. “Although I have to admit having a hunting buddy is interesting.”

When they’d gotten to the reception, Caleb excuse himself striding to the receptionist who turned to him confused, catching his gaze he immediately spoke. “There are two girls in the rooms upstairs, we left early because we were occupied and we paid everything apart from this you won’t remember that much about me and my friend here, got it?” Caleb said, the kid nodded slowly staring at him blankly.

As Gerard and himself walked away from the bed and breakfast, Cale grinned, “We should definitely do this again sometime.”

“That’s part of the fun, taking your time.” Gerard replied as they walked to the lift. “Indeed, it adds something to the game.”

Once in the reception Gerard stood patiently as Caleb compelled the receptionist who looked surprised to see them again. When Caleb was finished they left the hotel, Gerard feeling calm as his bloodlust was temporarily quelled. The square was quieter than before but still crowed with life, Gerard doubted that it was ever truly quiet in New York. “Oh, definitely. Though perhaps next time we might find some demons to finish it off.”

Midnight Snack|| Caleb & Gerardo



Cale smiled as his companion walked out of the elevator with Alex nodding at him as he made his own way to the room. His arm wrapped around Sophie’s shoulder tighter, he was relieved that he was at the door by now – he could hear her heartbeat racing his in ear, her smell of her rushing blood blocking out everything else around him. Impatiently opening the door he pulled her in roughly, slamming the door behind her. 

He was never one to play with his food – he liked to get straight to the point and without a second more to waste, before she could open her mouth and say something that would aggravate him. He stared into his eyes barely putting any effort into his gaze as she looked up at him dumbfounded

“Now, listen carefully because I won’t repeat myself. You won’t scream, you won’t move and once this is all said and done you’re not going to remember a single thing of this incident,” he said, a sadistic cruel smile growing on his face as she nodded slowly.

Curling his lip at her, slowly baring his fangs at her he sunk his teeth into the delicate flesh of her skin and biting down hard, holding her closely to him. Caleb was enraptured by the moment, which was one of the reason he loved the hunt – the satisfaction at the end was incomparable to anything else he’d ever experienced in his life.  The warmth of the blood filled his mouth as he pulled away having drunken enough from the girl’s whose pulse was weakening as she slumped against the door as he pulled away pressing a hand against her wound as he dragged her to the bathroom quickly bandaging it up.

“Gerard, how long are you going to be?” he called out knocking on his neighbours door.

TRIGGERS: Blood, violence

Gerard laughed at his fellow vampire’s impatience “Just a minute” he called back turning his head towards the door. He turned back again as Alex said “He’s done already?” Grinning viciously Gerard replied  "So it would seem. Now, sweetheart, I’m going to do something which will be very pleasurable for me but for you..hmm.. not so much.“ He extended his fangs and the girl’s pulse shot up the roof. “And when I’m done, you’ll sleep and in the morning you won’t remember how you got here, or even meeting me, capisci?”

Her breath hitched in her throat as she tried to reply, rolling his eyes "I suppose that’s was your attempt at a yes.“ he said before biting into her neck, his fangs slicing through like butter knives. Her blood  clogged his mouth but he eagerly swallowed it done, it was sweet and the rush it gave Gerard was incomparable.

Gerard continued to greedily drink her blood but as her pulse began to die down he knew he had to pull away. Pulling himself away he walked into the bathroom, grabbed a medical kit and walked back over. Licking the last few drops Gerard pulled out a plaster and stuck it on the girl’s next to stop her from bleeding to death.

Returning to the bathroom, he quickly washed his face of any blood before leaving the room to join Caleb. "Now that was fun.”

Midnight Snack|| Caleb & Gerardo



Cale was getting more and more agitated by the nattering of the two girls as they walked on and on, in search of somewhere to stay. These were the moments where Cale truly regretted not acquiring somewhere to stay in the city. After all taking dinner to the Institute was pushing the limits even for him, he still respected to an extent the rights of a host. They finally reached a bed and breakfast, ironically called Carmilla’s, it was as if fate were directing them here besides the sooner Cale was fed the better.

“That’s perfectly suitable for me,” cale agreed nodding, trying to ignore Sophie’s annoying childish whims.

Nevertheless he wrapped an arm around Sophie’s shoulder, as they led the girls into the lobby of the building. Staying at a distance, Cale listened attentively to the conversation between the teenage boy and Gerard. As if they were going to stay the entire night, in this place – Cale had better things to do than remain in the place all night.  He caught the keys Gerard tossed to him, offering his free hand to Sophie with his most charming smile. 

The girl’s pulse began to race almost immediately, which only made his grin bigger. Swinging the keys around his finger, he felt the girl press closer to him – he could almost taste the desperation in her already. This was going to be a easy meal, he thought to himself passing Gerard a knowing looking as they reached the elevator.

Gerardo smirked as the girls’ heartbeats flew through the roof and acknowledge Cale’s glance as they stepped onto the elevator.  He pressed the button for the second floor while the girls were still talking amongst themselves but their nerves were very evident but the lift doors soon opened with a ping. Gently pushing Alex out the elevator Gerard quickly turning around “See you later and have fun.” He said looking pointedly at Cale.

He and Alex entered the room and she had barely shut the door when Gerard picked up her and threw on the bed which was only a couple of feet away. She giggled in anticipation and Gerard smirking joined her on the bed pressing his lips to hers. Alex’s arms wrapped around his neck pulling him closer, making the kiss deeper.

Seconds later his tongue was plunging into her mouth exploring it depths her moans echoing in the room. Gerard dragged his mouth away peppering kisses slowly along her jaw and down her neck eventually reaching the base of her neck. He began to nibble in anticipation as his bloodlust grew.

Midnight Snack|| Caleb & Gerardo



Cale had to laugh at the first sentence about the character ‘Klaus’. The irony of situation, of only the girls knew. The second part of the plot line however, almost made him roll his eyes at the thought.

“What a character,” Cale muttered under his breath, sharing a moment of sarcasm with Gerard. 

The girls carried on laughing, he, and Gerard finished their drinks. Quite the drinkers themselves, the girls finished their drinks. Sophie, now had wrapped her arms around his neck, he put a hand on her waist as she slid off his lap.

They chatted between each other as they made their way out the café. Cale gave his companion a knowing look as they exited the café. They we’re going to have to make a stop so they could catch their bite sooner rather than later.

Gerard was only half listening to the conversation between the girls, only speaking if he was asked a direct question, his concentration lay in finding someone he and Caleb could satisfy their hunger. Gerardo could feel his own hunger grow as his patience began to ware down. They walked for some time, the girls continuing their conversation about ‘Klaus’ before finally moving on to

Then out of the corner of his eye he spotted a small little building, it was two stories high and had a deep purple sign with white Gothic lettering that read Carmilla’s and just underneath in smaller lettering Bed and Breakfast. Finally he thought to himself, he wasn’t entirely sure how much more of the girl’s nattering he could take.

“Girls, Cale that place ok for everyone?” He pointed to the building; Alex nodded giving a small smile while her friend Sophie pouted “I thought we would be going back to your place”

“Sorry” Gerardo replied, not sorry at all “Our apartment is getting refurbished” The lie rolled flawlessly off his tongues through years of practice. “Oh, sorry well then this is great!” Sophie looked up eagerly at Cale as if to make sure he was still there. Nodding Gerard turned towards the B&B and putting his hand on the small of Alex’s back walked to the building.  He pushed the door open and held it open for their companions before walking up to the reception desk which was occupied by a scrawny boy who looked like he was in his late teens. He was tapping away on his phone but put it down when he saw them.

“Evening, how can I help you?” he asked.

“Two double rooms for one night.” Gerardo replied curtly. The boy nodded and turned to the cabinet behind him which only held a couple of keys. Picking up two he placed them on the desk saying “These are the only two doubles left, rooms 20 and 21. Second floor. They’re adjoined by the bathroom. Is that ok? It’s a $100 per room for the night; someone should be at the desk for about eight in the morning onwards. ”

“Sure” Gerard said picking up the two keys and tossing one to Caleb.

Midnight Snack|| Caleb & Gerardo



“She did discover this so called war, but I’m not here because she asked me. In fact I bet she’d rather not have me here,” he said with a smirk, he did like to antagonise the blonde shadowhunter. “I had been meaning to return to New York for some time anyway and this New Law gave me a reason to come and somewhere to stay. I was planning on renting an apartment but after what happened recently I decided otherwise.”

He followed Gerard’s gaze over his shoulder only to spot the perfect prey, two very drunk girls heading their way – giggling and stumbling as they walked over towards the bar. He had to roll his eyes as he overheard the girls whispering about his resemblance to some mundane actor from a vampire tv show. If only they knew, well, they will and soon. Turning back towards the bar, Gerard gave him an warning and nodding in acknowledgement.

He grinned politely at Sophie, while she struggled to introduce herself and her friend. He had to resist the urge to groan in annoyance as the two giggled to each other, quite literally leaning on top of him. When his companion introduced himself, Cale almost sighed in relief hoping that the girls attention would swiftly move away from him.Fido? Cale thought furiously, shooting his companion an angry glare. He quickly composed himself and offered a tight but still pleasing smile. “I’m actually called Cale. My friend here, thinks he’s funny, what do you beautiful ladies think?”

Gerard couldn’t help but smirk as Cale was torn between their meal and hitting him for the Fido joke.  “So your name isn’t Fido?”  Sophie sighed “Oh well, you’re still pretty cute.” She then sat on Cale’s lap and Gerard’s eyebrow rose slightly as he watched the girl clamber over his fellow vampire.

Watching her friend ‘claim’ Caleb the other girl, Alex, stumbled over to Gerardo, tripping she fell on him, her head on his chest.  Grabbing her he pulled the girl up, before sliding off his chair and placing her on it. “Wow” she giggled “You’re strong” she pawed at his arms. “Thanks” he said before offering the two girls a drink.

“Ooh, I’ll have a strawberry daiquiri” Sophie called out to the waiter from Cale’s lap, “And a Long Island iced tea for me” Alex chimed “Thanks Gerard.”

“It’s no problem, darling” he replied smirking again, the barman handed the girls their drinks while Gerardo paid. “You know, ladies” he said turning back to them “I was saying to my friend Cale that he looked like someone from this TV programme but I couldn’t quite remember who. You wouldn’t know by any chance would you?”

Midnight Snack|| Caleb & Gerardo



“Thanks, I didn’t have to pay a penny for it,” Caleb answered chuckling to himself as they walked over to the Hard Rock café. The business of the city was a refreshing sight in comparison to the bland, dull and solitary halls of the Institute.

They walked into the café and sat in one of the chairs in the bar. Cale’s eyes scanned the bar around them – searching for easy prey, maybe a couple of drunks wouldn’t hurt – they probably wouldn’t remember anything anyway nevermind how they ended up in a dirty, trashed alleyway, that’s if he let them live. In that case he was even going to be able to tell the tale. 

“Let’s see a beer for me is fine,” he said to the waiter with a tight smile, wishing him away. He leaned back in his chair looking at his fellow vampire laughing to himself.

“If you think I’m here because the Clave beckoned me to like a lost puppy you’re sorely mistaken. I do what I like and no one can stop me,” Cale replied shaking his head in disappointment. “I’m here just to rile up, my beloved friends, the shadowhunters. What about you?”

Gerardo kept surveying the bar looking around at for possible prey, with Caleb it would increase their choices but so far no one sparked his interest.  “Lost puppy is an image I think you could fit into if you wanted too, especially with Miss Carstairs around. After all she is the one to discover this ‘war’ is she not?” He asked before taking a sip of his drink. “I’m mainly around for the fun it’s going to bring, and when I heard about the war I wanted the best seat being at the Institute gives me that.”

Over Caleb’s shoulder Gerard saw two girls walking their way, one redhead and one brunette. They were giggling and gossiping to themselves both drunk as they tottered over ‘whispering’ about how Caleb looked like an actor on some vampire programme. “Heads up” he warned Caleb just as the brunette tapped his shoulder “Hi, I’m Sophie  and this is… wait what’s your name again?” she giggled at her friend.

“Oh my god Sarah you’re soooo drunk I’m Alex rememeber?” the redhead squealed back. Gerard smirked at the two fumbling women as they started to climb over Caleb. “Ladies, let us introduce ourselves, I’m Gerard and this is my friend Fido.” Gerardo said pointing at Cale positive the vampire would get him back later.  Sophie or Sarah laughed “That is sooo cool, my brother has a puppy named Fido.” At that Gerard burst out laughing at both her statement and in anticipation of Caleb’s reaction.