“Sorry, I think he wants to kill me himself like 98% of the time,” she scoffed, stumbling over a body behind her. 

“That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t feel some sort of regret after. You underestimate how many.. feelings the vampire has, despite his cries otherwise.”



“Truthfully, I don’t know. What about you? You said you were disappointed, this venture not turning out like you hoped?” she said trying to distract the demon as she moved closer to the door.

“Not the venture, no. I haven’t stretched my legs like this in a while, and your vampire is so… accommodating when it comes to killing. There is only one person he would try to stop me from killing is.. you. I expected more from the person he loves.The demon said the last word with disgust. The whole idea of love ran against his core, though it amused him how much the vampire opposed the notion despite his strong feelings for the wolf. “You’re just boring really.”


“Really? I’m surprised, didn’t think you be that interested in werewolves,” she said with slight arch of her brow, still walking backwards and away from the demon. “Sorry to be a disappointment, then.”

“Oh I’m not. Your species is of no relevance. The vampire’s memories, and reaction to you is what intrigued me.”