“Wouldn’t we all?” Marie mused. “Maybe someone really should send them one.”

“Maybe we should. Though I’m sure they’ll do something to fuck it and make us wonder why we even bothered.”



There was something vaguely familiar about the vampire, although Marie couldn’t quite put her finger on it. “Yeah, I’m sure a participation trophy would really make them happy.”

Gerard smirked “I like to see their faces at being presented with somethinglike that.”


Never one to follow, Marie had foregone the ubiquitous tulle and sequins for a scarlet mini dress- custom Dolce and Gabbana, obviously. She made her entrance half an hour after the ball had commenced, smirking slightly. “The ones in Venezia are better.” It was a pack tradition to hold an opulent masquerade every year, and Marie had grown to have rather high expectations for them.

Gerardo turned to the masked woman with faint recognition “True but Venezia has had much more practice. I’m sure the Clave really tried.” He replied condescendingly before facing the throng of people once more trying to decipher the faces hidden under the masks.