“Never in my life has the word adorable ever entered anyone’s mind when thinking of a word to describe me.” Gerard grumbled not appreciating the sentiment. “Tell me then, how exactly do we act like a married couple?”



“Go away and bother someone else,” she mumbled trying to grab the duvet again. “Gerard, what do you want? And don’t say ‘entertain me’.”

Gerard rolled his eyes at the younger vampire’s actions. “I told you. I’m bored.”

“I thought you would actually being doing something.”


Artemis could help but scoff but in agreement at the statement, for somewhere that was meant to be a safehaven they did a poor job at keeping it safe. “I know but if anything, it takes the edge off,” she admitted with a small sigh. looking around the corridor with a slight frown. 

Gerard nodded understanding her sentiment to a certain extent, it was then he realised that they were standing in the hall openly. “Come on, let’s keep moving.” He said gently pulling the werewolf’s elbow down the corridor.


Never one to follow, Marie had foregone the ubiquitous tulle and sequins for a scarlet mini dress- custom Dolce and Gabbana, obviously. She made her entrance half an hour after the ball had commenced, smirking slightly. “The ones in Venezia are better.” It was a pack tradition to hold an opulent masquerade every year, and Marie had grown to have rather high expectations for them.

Gerardo turned to the masked woman with faint recognition “True but Venezia has had much more practice. I’m sure the Clave really tried.” He replied condescendingly before facing the throng of people once more trying to decipher the faces hidden under the masks.


“What?” she asked him, once she noticed the look he gave her. Looking down at the pills in her hand, sighing to herself she didn’t like the pills either but for now it was the only way to settle her insomnia. “I’m having trouble getting to sleep again.I can get a good two hours of sleep without them. I tried everything before coming back to these.”

“I know. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.”