“In your dreams, twat.” Lexi replied, flicking her lovely middle finger at him. 


“Well fuck off then.” Gerard countered glaring at the obscene gesture. 



“I wondered if you are my room mate. I don’t know all the…” Aileen was thinking about how to say it without being rude. “..supernatural people around here yet and I haven’t seen he or she in my bedroom so far.—- ” She told him shyly, looking up at him with a little smile.


“No, I’m not.” He answered rolling his at the mundane “Everything, and one, apart from you, are supernatural. The term supernatural is broad. If you want to talk about vampires, and werewolves and such call them by their species or downworlders. If you’re talking about shadowhunters… well I think that’s pretty explanatory.” He told her, his tone rather bored as he explained the terms she had clearly yet to learn. “As for your roommate I don’t know or care about who they are, so you’ll just have to wait for them to turn up.”


“Where is that imbecile?”

Gerardo stood waiting for one of his clan, although the vampire he was meant to be meeting wasn’t the vamp Gerardo had left in charge,  she was one of the spies Gerard had left to spy on the second in command. Gerard had created this meeting time so that once every fortnight he could have an unofficial update on his cland and make sure that his second in command wasn’t getting too big for his boots. Of course Elizabeth wasn’t Gerard’s only source of eyes and ears on his cland but it still irriated him that she hadn’t arrived. He sighed in anger when he heard someone walk up behind him “Finally  where in hell have you been? He asked turning around to face the newcomer.


“Roomates huh? It says Trueblood here. Anyone know this guy?”


“I wouldn’t be entirely sure that Trueblood is a man, especially since the room mate list did show the name Selene in front of Trueblood. Call me old-fashioned but that doesn’t sound like a man’s name.”