“A mundane bike? I thought your kind preferred those run by demon energies. Flying would surely help beat the traffic in this city.”

“Why do you care?”



“Do you have a death wish?”


“Dull, surely you can come up with a better response that that.”


I’ve heard smarter things from a schizophrenic with Tourette’s. You should come up with more witty insults than that, Ger bear ‘cause you might end up at the bottom of the food chain. 


Did it ever occur to you little girl that I don’t want to waste any more of my time on you? Hm. So you keep ‘insulting’ me with your little cute sayings while I find something more worthwhile of my time. 



Amore, really?” she scoffed quietly to herself, eyes glancing up at the barman who’d come over with their drinks. His next few words almost made her choke on the sip of wine she’d been drinking. Wife?! Gerardo was not going to get away with this, cover or not. “It’s lovely shame I can’t say the same about the company, you see we’re not married and I’m certainly not his bella. He’s too old for my tastes,” she said with a smirk, lifting her hand to show the barman her ring-free fingers. “See? His name isn’t even Joaquin and he’s definitely not married, it’s Gerardo although I prefer to call him Gerry. Artemis Trang, pleasure to meet you.”


Gerard rolled his eyes at the werewolf as the bartender started spluttering “But.. um.. Joaquin..” Sighing Gerard took a gulp of wine before compelling him “Stop fidgeting. Now you’ll forget every my lovely companion has just told you. My name is Joaquin, 29 years old. I’m an account and this is my wife… Bella. You don’t like her much but you’re polite because I’ve become a regular here since my move from Spain. Go and tend the bar.” Gerard said dismissing him, the bartender blinked for a few seconds “Enjoy your drinks Joaquin. Bella.” before walking back to his station. Gerard turned to Artemis “Too old? I resent that comment, one because it didn’t seem to bother you at all the last time and two you look older than me.”



“No, really?” She asked with sarcasm. It wouldn’t be the first time that she was covered in demon blood, but she forgot how bad it actually hurt. Looking at him, it was quite nice of him to help her. Katerina winced as the cold water hit her, everything around her was red now, her hair was dripping wet but still the blood wasn’t out of her hair yet and little of the demon blood got into her eyes, as she narrowed them together, trying to stop the burning. “Fucking hell..” She swore, trying to stop the water, “ eyes..” she mumbled, and tried to open them, but it was impossible.

Gerard rolled his eyes at the girl’s sarcasm, but turned the water off when she complained about getting blood in eyes and handed her a small towel so she could wipe it out. “Well, well Katerina what have you got yourself into here?” He asked before pushing her head back and turning the water back on in order to wash the remaining blood from her hair.