Speech is silver, Silence is golden. | & Katerina



Katerina woke up early today, brushed her teeth and comb her hair, ready to put on her gear to go to train. Opening the cupboard where it was in, she already saw Church laying spread all over her clothes. “How ma—“ Katerina stopped immediately after she couldn’t hear a sound. She didn’t even realize that she didn’t hear the water splatter. Again, she tried. ”Church…“ Her lips moved but there wasn’t one sound.

Quickly she put on her gear, trying to get rid of the cat hair as she walked right out of the room not looking what was happening out there as she ran right into on person and landed on the ground. But there was nothing to hear, not a no noise from the ground, no swearing, no nothing.

Kat had no idea what was going on as she looked up at the person in front of her. She pointed at her throat, praying the person would understand what she meant.

Gerard was walking down the corridor when someone bumped into him, he stumbled back but caught himself but he fell off “Watch where you’re going.” He called out before remembering that he couldn’t speak or make any noise whatsoever.

He shrugged in response to Kat’s question, he had no idea what the hell was going on, he had been trying to find someone who did. Grabbing his phone from his pocket he typed It seems like the whole place is on mute but no really knows how or why.

He sat down next to the shadowhunter and passed over his phone so she could see what he had typed.


Think You Know Me? || 30 Questions



1.  What is your character’s full name?

Gerardo Joaquin Beltrano, Joaquin after his maternal grandfather but since Gerardo never met the man he only uses the name as an pseudonym.

2.  When were they born?

Gerard has always celebrated his birthday on March 28th but he doesn’t actually know what day he was born on, what he does know is that the year was 1475.

3.  What are their parent’s names?

Alfonso Beltrano and Esperanza Castillo

4.  Do they have any brothers or sisters?

He had two brothers: Giorgio and Giacomo and one sister: Giulia (what could he say his mother liked names beginning with the letter ‘G’)

 5.  What kind of eyes do they have?

Dark brown.

6.  What kind of hair do they have?

He has very dark brown hair, so dark it verges on black, he prefers to keep it shoulder length but on occasion gets it cut short.

7.  What is their complexion like?

Gerardo has an olive complexion which comes from living in Italy for his mundane years.

8.  What body type are they?

Gerardo is slender with a few muscles mainly in his arms, gained from his days as a Papal Swiss Guard, Gerard has maintained them over the years. Quite tall for his time Gerard stands at 6 ft. 1”

 9.  What is listening to their voice like? 

His voice is quite harsh but soothed by his Roman accent which also makes him sound a little charming.  

10. Do they have a favourite quote? 

“Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.”

If I cannot prevail on the will of heaven, I shall appeal to hell.- the Aeneid.

11. What sort of music do they enjoy? 

Not a huge fan of music, Gerard doesn’t listen to it often but when he does he prefers rock and on occasions classical music. 

12. Have they ever cheated on a partner? 

Gerardo doesn’t do relationships but even if he was he wouldn’t cheat.

13. Have they ever lost someone close to them? 

Yes, Gerardo lost his siblings to his previous clan leader.

14. What is their favourite sound?

Gerard’s favourite sound is a heartbeat, because it can tell him things that may otherwise be hidden. He also loves the fact that it is a constant, not matter where he is he can always hear someone’s heart beating.

15.  What is their opinion on euthanasia? 

Gerardo doesn’t care, as far as he’s concerned it has nothing to do with him.

16. Are they judgmental of others? 

Yes, Gerardo is very judgemental and he knows it.

17.  Have they ever been drunk? 

When he was human, he got drunk a lot and although he still drinks regularly now he doesn’t get drunk.

18.  What are they like when they stay up all night? 

Staying up doesn’t make much difference to Gerard’s attitude so he’s pretty much the same as usual.

19. Have they ever been arrested? 

Of course Gerard has had run-ins with the police but you’ll never find any proof of it.

20. What colour evokes strong memories for them?

The combination of yellow and blue reminds Gerard of the uniform he wore as a Swiss Guard.

21.  What do they do on rainy days?

Whatever he had originally planned to do for that day, Gerard doesn’t see why rain would deter his plans.

22. What religion are they?

Gerardo was brought up as a Roman Catholic, he disagrees with many of their beliefs par some.

23. What word do they overuse the most?


24. What do they wear to bed?

Just pyjama bottoms.

25. Do they have any tattoos or piercings?

No piercings but Gerard does have three tattoos: on the inside of his right arm he has four ravens flying upwards, three are just outlines but the one inside his wrist is solid. On his left collarbone he has a triskelion while a dragon curls around his left hip.

 26. What type of clothing are they most comfortable in?

Honestly Gerardo is most comfortable in the clothes from his human years but he usually just wears dark colours and his black leather jacket

27. What is their most disliked saying?

Gerard dislikes the saying “a chip of the old block” because he wants nothing to do with his parents.

28. Do they have any enemies?

Naturally, he has made many enemies over the years.

29. What does their writing look like? 


30.   What disgusts them?

Quite a few things actually but mainly failure, Gerardo hates people failing him and he if they do he makes sure they never do again.


Day Two|| Something you barely remember but always stays at the forefront of your mind.

Gerardo could have only have been two or three years old when it
happened. He wasn’t sure how it happened, he was probably running around, he
often did as a child. At some point he had tripped causing a large gash to form
on his leg, the blood dripping down his leg. Gerardo doesn’t really remember
that, he only assumes that was what had happened, somehow he had gotten home
and called for his mother. He must have caught her on a good day, the best he
ever remembered. She had picked him up fussing over him, and his cut. Sitting
him on the table, she had wiped the blood away and told him off for being silly
but she kissed the wound before sending him on his way again. It was just a
short, simple barely there memory but one Gerard could never shake from his
mind. It was the one time his mother had acted like one, like she actually
loved her son. She had called him ‘nino’ if he
remembered correctly, said it with such affection. He couldn’t remember her
every saying the word again, or her voice being so soft and kind. Gerardo could
remember wishing that mother would return to him, but she only made that one
appearance, obviously it was just not meant to be.


Day One|| A Childhood Memory

[trigger warning for domestic violence]

Gerardo prefers to avoid
thoughts of his parents, it’s easier that way. To forget what he had run away
from. This night was no different from any other. His father stumbled in late
evening, from a brothel or bar, maybe both. Not that it mattered, he was drunk,
crass, and loud. Swearing as he tripped into his seat Gerard’s father paused.
Something was wrong. Where was his dinner? The drunkard shouted for his wife
who came into the room fuming, as she dumped a bowl in front of him. Cold
pasta, and no bread. Two mistakes the
young Gerardo thought to himself as he lurked in the corner trying to avoid his
father’s attention. “Blame your son. He stole your bread.” Esperanza retorted
quick to sell out her son but that didn’t spear her from her husband’s anger.

Alfonso threw the pasta across
the room, causing yet another plate to shatter, before rising towering himself
over his wife. “You Spanish bitch! Fucking useless!” He cried before striking
her across the face, his hand print leaving her face bruised and red as a
tomato. Alfonso struck again, his wife sitting the cold hard ground with a thud
before passing out. The sounds were all too familiar to Gerardo, so familiar
they were in a twisted way becoming comfortable to him. Soothing as a lullaby.
“Boy. Come here. Now.” Alfonso said, voice cold as the floor he had forced his
wife to. Gerardo flinched, his father was now addressing him. ‘Boy’ always meant
Gerardo, and it always meant he was next. Slowly crawling out his corner
Gerardo approached his father with caution, but resigned to his fate. “Father.”
He greeted the man, keeping his head down. “Boy, where is my bread?”

“I ate it, sir.” It was a lie,
Gerardo’s brother had been starving and Gerard hadn’t been able to steal from
anyone else so he had taken his father’s bread to feed Giacomo instead. But he
would rather take the punishment that make his brother pay for it. His father
had never struck Gerardo’s younger siblings, and that was the way he wanted it
to stay. During his thoughts Alfonso had cursed his son for the theft, and had
stripped his belt from his trousers ordering his eight year old to bend over
the table as he doubled thed leather belt. Gerardo did mentally preparing
himself for the lashes, but no matter how often he was forced to he was never
prepared for the pain the belt held. The agony as his skin ripped, and
blistered, the cold wet trickle of blood tore flinches, and howls from the
young boy. Once satisfied with his handiwork Alfonso told Gerardo to pick his
mother from the ground, the woman now stirring pushed his son away with
disgust. “Get away from me, boy. Little shit.”

“Zhang Fei were referred to as mighty warriors capable of fighting thousands of enemies. They were like tigers among (Liu Bei’s) subjects. Zhang Fei was brutal and heartless.” 

Like Zhang-Fei Gerardo is known for having a fearsome temper, both on the edge of anger and quick to put down those they feel are speaking out of turn. The two are also leaders, although the god was a general where Gerard isn’t, they both lead their men (and women) into battle as well as being responsible for their well-being.

What if…

  1. they found a book of spells? Throw it to the side, what would I use it for?
  2. a stranger asked them for a hug? Tell them to fuck off, glare intensely and walk away.
  3. they were invited to join a secret organization? I’m a fucking vampire, I don’t need to join the organisation to get information I want.
  4. their closest friend suddenly stopped talking to them? I wouldn’t give a shit.
  5. someone anonymously wrote something mean about them? Ignore it, they can’t even say it to my face for Dio’s sake.
  6. the upcoming end of the world was announced? Tell my clan it was time for a party. 
  7. they did something to disappoint someone in their life? Been there. Done that.
  8. they learned they needed a surgery? Impossible.
  9. the plumbing in their home stopped working? Call a plumber, that’s their fucking job.
  10. someone insulted their best friend? What best friend?
  11. they were asked to join a scientific experiment? No.
  12. they found out they or their significant other were expecting a child? Unlikely, but I’d go tell Artemis to stop freaking the fuck out.
  13. a stranger gave them flowers? Rip them up and toss them back  in their face.
  14. they couldn’t find their keys? Go find Dani.
  15. they discovered a body? Not my problem.