“Why don’t you bring me one?”


“I don’t play fetch.”



You are most welcome. Though, if you find that fascinating, you definitely need to get out more.


Your concern although almost touching is quite unnecessary.



“Gerard!” Kat said, looking at him, while she waited until the kids got upstairs, ten stairs more and they made it. “Listen to me now.” The nephilim started, kneeling down to be at eye sight with them. “All of you stay in there, no one, really no one goes out. You all are safe in there okay! Don’t be scared of him, he’s just an old grumpy vampire that has no friends.” Saying that made a few of them laugh, when she turned her head to look at him with a grin on her lips. “You’re all brave young nephilim, all of your parents will be proud of you when they find you in Alicante. I’ll send someone upstairs to open a portal for you. And no demon can enter the greenhouse, it’s a safe place.” Kat told them, with a serious voice but was really surprised that they were calm, she didn’t expect that at all. When all the little ones where in there, she closed the door behind them. “Let’s go. I need to find someone to make a portal and bring the kids to Idris.” In a matter of seconds the curly ginger haired shadowhunter was already running down the stairs.

“Katerina.” He replied glaring at the laughing children. Before running down the stairs alongside her “You seem surprised at them, why? I don’t think we’ll be able to find anyone in this place right now, you just have to hope they’re safe in that room. Your mum can create portals you didn’t inherit that gift?” He asked as two oni walked in. “You take the one on the right, I’ll take the other.” Gerard told the shadowhunter before running at the demon and pushing into the wall. It pulled itself out of the wall, a dent left behind and approached the vampire who merely grabbed the oni’s head and pulled it clean off its body.


“Shut up, and do as I say.” Katerina simply said, not caring one bit about his feelings, if he wanted to be offended then he should be. Katerina wielded her seraphblade and obstructed the demons the way upstairs. Turning herself, she got a got look at the few older children, carrying the younger ones upstairs, and at the same time she sliced someones troath, blood splashed from them and Kat winced slightly as it hit her arms, after all it did burn like hell. One got her and hit her hard so she fell backwards and hit her head hard and lost her seraphblade, which made things now complicated. Quickly the ginger grabbed her knives, before she got up walking a few stairs up backwards.

“You shut up.” Gerard replied childishly making sure to keep an eye on the Shadowhunter while his sword was slowly burned away by ichor. “Don’t concentrate on the children. That will get you killed. Concentrate only on the fight.” He yelled as she picked herself back up, throwing away his now useless sword he ran to the demon that kicked her back pulling out its heart from its chest. Instantly it fell in on itself but Gerard’s hand burned, he shook his hand and grabbed the fallen sword before joining Katerina on the stairs.