“Tell me, have you always been this ill-tempered? That would be rather unfortunate.”

“I don’t see how my temper matters.”



“Really? May I ask why?” Clarissa said curiously tilting her head. Arching a brow at the vampire she looked at the spark plugs. “I can see that you have spares, I’m just simply pointing out the fault in your motorbike.”

Gerard shrugged as he worked “There’s no exact reason behind it.” He took a quick break to glare at the warlock “Oh wow. I didn’t know.”


“Hmm, I assumed, I know some vampires do have demon-energy bikes. Although from the mere looks of it a change of the spark plugs should do the trick.”

“I did have at one point, but I prefer petrol. Yes, I have spares.” He replied pointing to the side where the spark plugs lay next to Gerard’s small tool box.