Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



Dani was already rolling her eyes  and crossing her arm when ducked at the sound of  glass smashing and banging. What the hell was going on now? She thought to herself, as the room began to fill in with mundane … with garlic, lighters, guns. Mundane hunters, that was sincerely the cherry on the cake. She really hated them more than shadowhunters by miles but she wasn’t letting the opportunity slip from her using the confusion and Gerard’s shift in focus provided a perfect opportunity. She quickly zipped around Gerardo, slyly taking out his motorbike keys and pocketing them for herself – she could have a very soft touch when she wanted to.

“This really isn’t the time to start chastising your clan,” Dani reminded Gerardo. “There are more pressing details at hand.”

Dani turned to look at hunter, arching her brow with an amused smile at twenty year old woman who came into the room, while Gerardo threatened them. That was so not the way to deal with hunters, it only emboldened them even more. 

“If I may, I’d like to point a couple of things out to you, darling,” Dani started with a sigh. “You may outnumber us, but we have speed, strength and experience which always tops numbers. Hell, I could file my nails and rip your head off if I wanted to. Second, if you think we’re going to have an adverse reaction to garlic, I hate to break it to you but that myth is actually a myth. Third, guns aren’t going to stop us or kill us. So if you know what’s best for you … I suggest you leave now, and start drinking heavily to forget all about this.”

By the end of her speech she had made her way through the hunter successfully, considering that they were already starting to back off slightly. Turning back to the clan and Gerard she smirked, before waving his motorbike keys at him.

“Now that I’m here, I should say I’m not his girlfriend nor am I part of the clan. Seriously get some imagination,” she said to the hunters, turning back to the vampires. “Have fun, I am really going to miss out on this slaughter but it was really nice meeting you all, maybe I’ll see you later. Oh, Gerard you owe me. Ta!”

Running out of the house, Dani quickly hopped onto the bike smiling once more at the house and driving off.

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Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



“How many times do I have to say it I’m not going out with Gerry here, seriously … No,” Dani said for the nth time, feeling more than a little exasperated by now

So that was all he’d really got from the conversation, Dani arched an eyebrow at him, you’d think after all the times she’d said she wasn’t his girlfriend he would get the hint. She wasn’t exactly being subtle about it. A small part of her couldn’t help but be amused – how could they all live under the same roof and not tear each other apart.

The argument between Helena and the vampire which had just entered the oom, Chenglei was starting to take an interesting turn. Black heart Gerardo was sort of with someone and he fucked it up. That was something she would have never have guessed. Between the two vampires she was getting fragments of the story. They left and it ended. Artemis? Dani could have sworn that name rung bells but she couldn’t pin point why.

Dani had been so stuck in her thoughts that the next thing she knew was that Helena and Chenglei were fighting each other. She watched the fight and looked up at Gerard he looked deceptively calm that much she could tell and from the looks of it he had no intention of getting himself involved and stopping the fight anytime soon. Her clan would never hesitate to split up a fight and then punish those involved himself – a house divided could not rule.

“Want to place a bet on who wins?” Jeanne asked her, leaning over her shoulder.

“I’ll put ten bucks on Helena. Chenglei has skills but Helena is much faster and speed counts in a fight,” Dani agreed, watching the fight closely.

It wasn’t long before Helena had the vampire pinned to the ground, asking him to yield. Hold out her hand Dani smirked as she felt the ten dollars hit her hand, tucking them away into her bra. Then Chenglei called Helena a ‘crazy bitch’ which had Dani immediately on her feet looking up to Gerardo for his reaction. Neither of them looked pleased at Gerardo’s orders but complied anyway, slowly moving off each other still glaring.

She scoffed at his next words, he wasn’t going to shake her off that easily and he knew that. He also didn’t seem too comfortable with them knowing what she knew which meant that his clan didn’t know his story. There he went again with Artemis, why didn’t he want her to know anything about that she knew most of his life story already. Then it hit her, where she recognised the name, it couldn’t be her but it had to be her… He had to be kidding. She couldn’t stop staring at him, shocked at her own revelation until Charlie remind her about her plan, snapping her out of her train of thoughts while Reinhart asked Gerard another question which she wasn’t paying particular attention to. “Oh that, I’ll be getting to that soon just watch out,” she answered absent-mindedly, as her mind ran around.

Suddenly there was silence and the entire room looked at her and then Gerardo before looking back at her. She didn’t quite understand why until they erupted into an interrogation of her knowledge about Gerard. Would she answer them? No, he’d been gracious enough not to say anything about her past so she wasn’t going to say anythibg about his.

“I’m afraid it all the answers to you questions were told to me in the utmost confidence so I can’t tell you anything this time, sorry,” she said apologetically before frowning to herself as another realisation dawned on her as she looked up at Gerard glaring at him. “You’re a hypocrite, you know that right? You had the gall to call me out and nerve to mock me for falling for a werewolf when you did the exact same thing.”

The clan stared at her amazed, at what seemed to them like her steadfast loyalty as she refused to tell them what they all desired to know: Gerard’s backstory. Of course the elder vampires knew some of Gerard’s mundane life but still knew very little, and they had told the young vampires but while Gerard knew all about them they had never managed to get anything out of him. Even Alvard who was his second and the closest to the clan leader hadn’t ever been told a snippet. To hear that this stranger knew all about him, shocked them, it meant to their knowledge that only two people knew about Gerard’s past, one being of course Dani, the other Artemis. Then when she called him a hypocrite they sat eagerly to see how Gerard responded, very few got away with insulting him. Her statement also gave them a little insight to her and her life; evidently she had fallen in love with a werewolf and by the fact that Gerard mocked they could only guess that it didn’t end well. Some of the clan (basically just Helena, who likes to think that her fangirling is a secret, but some of the others too) admired Dani for standing up to their clan leader. Don’t get them wrong, they loved him and were all very loyal to him, but they also loved it when on the rare occasion some took him on. Well, someone with an actual chance of winning and by the looks of it Dani did.

Gerard rolled his eyes “No, Danielle, I did not fall for her nor did I get her killed.” He added a little spitefully, he would have continued if he hadn’t been interrupted by a series of bang and smashes. Windows caved in, doors banged opened and tiles shattered. Gerard and his clan were suddenly on high alert as the house became flooded with mundanes, all carrying guns, and bulbs of garlic and from what Gerard could smell lighters. “What is going on here?” Gerard asked directing his question to his clan. The mundanes paused for a second confused while Angus answered “Dinna we tell ye? We have not been on with the locals. One of them has the Sight and she, Jeanne and Catalina may have had an arguament when we arrived.”

Growling Gerard yelled “And you didn’t it imperative to tell me before!? Imbeciles!”

“It dinna become a problem before now.”

“Your fault I’m afraid.” A new voice entered the scene as a young woman, mid-twenties, entered the room. “We were waiting for the clan leader to arrive, and we knew you had when we saw you on your bike with your… ladyfriend. I mean, apart from the fact that you were new here they flocked home.”

“Dio mio, they aren’t dating.” Alvaro interrupted pointing at Gerard and Dani. “He’s in love with someone else. A werewolf no less. They’re like Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler. Except she’s Sherlock and he’s Irene.”

Turning to his second Gerard said “Alvie, shut up.” He faced the mundane leader again his voice full of acid “If you and your… accomplices leave now I may be lenient, but you stay by the time the sun rises not one of you will have a drop of blood left in your bodies.”  

Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



“Just so you can get some perspective on the subject and cut these guys a break,” she said with a smirk, “You never know Gerard, it might do you some good.” Dani laughed at Riley’s comment over her hitting Gerard, did no one really ever hit Gerard? Aparently not. Not that that surprised her either.

“Well, Gerry knows that I don’t have to listen to him and that I don’t really listen to anyone – maybe that’s why,” she said as a suggestion, shrugging at the young vampire.

Dani sighed for the nth time in this night, sinking back in her chir as Gerard managed to get the vampires to back off from their interrogation. She looked to and fro from Helena and Gerard until Helena addressed her again. She laughed to herself as they tried to decode the relationship between Gerardo and herself.

“Well, I’m afraid I’m going to have to say that whatever Gerry feels is unrequited – sorry sweetheart,” she said with an amused smile. “Fine, we’re not acquaintance but I’m not his friend even if he considers me his friend. Although, bad terms doesn’t necessarily mean hostility and we’re on okay terms, most of the times and now isn’t one of them. What about you Gerry have anything to say on the matter?”

“The Institute isn’t that bad, Gerry you’re just horribly anti-social and you don’t talk to anyone and when you do you either shout or threaten them. So you don’t really ever give anyone a chance, the warlocks, fae, nephilim, werewolves and other vampires are mostly nice. There are a couple of exceptions,” she said pointedly to the clan leader before turning to the rest of the clan. “Apart from a few incidences, it has been pretty dull – you’re most stuck in the never ending grey walls of the Institute for half a day training or doing … whatever really, until the sun goes down.”

“See that’s what I wanted to know,” Reinhart says before turning back to Danielle. “Thanks.”

“What do you mean by a few incidents?” Joan asked with a laugh.

“There was an accidental body swap between roommates – warlock’s mistake, that was a disaster I got stuck in the body of an overbearing-arrogant-alpha-without-a-pack. Fireworks for New Years and a birthday for a kleptomaniac cat which I’m still confused about. Gerard has been in none of these incidents.”

“That’s interesting,” Nikolaj said, nodding after she’d finished.

“Is that elaborated enough for you?” Dani said with a smile.

“Gerard you should bring her around more often, she’s not half bad for an outside and she at least tells us something,” Blake chuckled.

Dani looked up as another clan member walked into the crowded room, sulking and angry causing the whole room to go silent. Composing, who would compose anything here? She smiled at the vampire nodding as Alvaro explained.

“I’m not joining the clan either and it’s lovely to meet you too Valentina.”

“Dani was just telling us about the Institute,” Riley said grinning.

Chenglei walked into the living room laughing “Gerard with a girlfriend?”

The clan leader glared at the Chinese vampire who was decked out in his martial arts kit. “Really that’s all you got from the conversation.”

“How long were you listening to the conversation before you decided to grace us with your presence?” Helena asked

“Huh? Oh I’ve been listening since Dani and Gerard walked into the building. I was only in my room practicing. Seriously though can you imagine Gerard being all loved up? I mean the closest he ever got was Artemis and they weren’t exactly loved up before he fucked it up.”

Gerard growled not only at the mention of the alpha werewolf but also because some of his words cut a little too deep.

“He didn’t fuck it up. We had to leave.” Helena interjected.

“Yeah, why?” Chenglei countered “I don’t remember ever getting a reason.”

“You didn’t like her anyway Chenglei so shut the fuck up.” Helena growled standing.

The two glared at each other and before anyone could react launched at each other. Although Chenglei was a master of martial arts but Helena had at least 600 years on him, she had experience and speed. It wasn’t long before she had him pinned to the ground, flashing her fangs at him and demanding he yield. Gerard watched indifferent, it wasn’t unusual for arguments to occur among the clan, especially considering they were all living together and to be honest he was surprised it took so long for one to spark. So he did nothing to stop the two he until Chenglei called Helena a “crazy bitch.”

“Bastard, don’t you dare talk to her that way.” Fionn spat.

Gerard sighed and stood up, he’d thought it best to stop this before it went to fair. “Helena get up, Chenglei you went too bloody far, apologise.”

Neither looked happy at the scolding but did as they were told “Neither of you, none of you” he continued talking to everyone “get to comment on what went on between Artemis and I.” Looking at Dani he said “And no telling Danielle, either, she knows enough already.” He knew this would annoy the vampire but he didn’t really care, as far as he was concerned she knew more than anyone else at the Institute, well almost he thought remembering that the werewolf who his clan mates had just been fighting about was also in the illustrious church.

“What’s that meant to mean?” Reinhart asked but Gerard didn’t answer for a second as he heard Charlie asked Dani a question at the same time “Dani are you going to carrying out your plan yet? I want to see it in action.” Gerard narrowed his eyes at the question before answering the Norwegian “Exactly that she knows to much.”

“Too much about what?” Chenglei continued.

Gerard sighed again, there was no way he could avoid this. They know if he lied to them and right now he couldn’t be bothered to think of anything so for once he responded honestly. “Me. Too much about me.”

The clan, for the second time that evening, stopped all their small conversations to stare at their leader then to Dani and back again. The moment quickly vanished as they flooded Dani with questions about their clan leaders, all ones that they wouldn’t dare ask him personally for fear of how he would react.

Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



“Is it really that rare for you to bring someone over that isn’t joining, you really need to get a girlfriend – and I’m not offering,” she said with an amused smirk, before rolling her eyes at him. She still couldn’t quite believe the predicament she’d found herself in. Taking the pizza and glass of blood back, she scoffed at him. “You owe me big time and I won’t let you forget it. You don’t give me orders Beltrano, I’m not one of your cronies.”

Dani took a bite from the pizza, it was good. Sienna was certainly a better cook than she ever hoped to be, then the moment was spoiled when another clan member walked in – Lover’s tiff? She almost choked on the piece of pizza she had in her mouth.

“Yeah, I’m the talk of the night and by the way I’m not his friend … he kidnapped me, take that however you’d like to,” she pointed out, taking a large sip from the glass.

She couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the conversation, she was right there. The vampire sudden walked up to her kissing her three times on the cheek and Dani returned the gesture, laughing lightly. She smiled at the vampire, the storming of the Bastille that was a long time ago. 

“I’m good, thank – maybe suffering from a little culture shock, the term is probably clan shock. It’s a been long time for me,” she said, with a slow nod before asking Joan loudly making absolutely sure that Gerard could hear her. “How about you? Please tell me, he isn’t an asshole all the time.”

Dani turned her head to look at the blond vampire, who literally looked like he’d just rolled out of bed. Another one, she thought to herself with a small smile expecting the onslaught of assumptions. Instead he seemed much more interested with the idea of the Institute than her – Thank god.

“Why do you keep saying we’re friends for? We’re not,” she said turning to Beltrano, as more vampires filed into the room she then laughed at him, “And I am so calling you Gerry from now on.”

The hug had definitely taken her by surprise, in fact everyone had taken her by surprise – it had been a long time since she’d been even close to another clan. She winced as she was welcomed for the tenth time by the vampire it was almost painful to say no to these people. “Thank but I’m not joining the clan and no, I’m not fucking him either,” she clarified.

She watched the rest of the amused by what was happening in front of her, until Beltrano pointed out that Charlie had stolen her phone. Then an idea popped into her head, she grinned at Charlie as she took back her phone pocketing it, then leaning up and giving him a peck on the cheek. “Thank you, you just gave me an idea,” she told him, before pushing past him with a pizza slice in hand and the glass of blood in the other.

Gerard ignored the others for a while concentrating only on his food and blood meanwhile Joan was answering Dani’s question. “Well” Joan said to her fellow vampire “You are the first vampire he has ever kidnapped and brought back to meet us, you must mean something to him. Even if it is unrequited. Remember that when he is pissing you off, but yes he is always an arsehole. Unless you piss him off then he’s completely unbearable, trust me I’ve been here a long time.”

Joan was disappointed to hear that the vampire would be joining their ‘soirée’ and made the fact known “Are you sure we can’t persuade you?”

“Leave the girl alone, Joan. It is her choice, not anyway one else’s.” Nikolaj butted in. “But I am intrigued by this plan the Charlie has inspired in you, tell me more.”

Finally Gerard lifted his head up suspicious “Plan? Danielle, are you concocting your revenge?” Normally Gerard would have dug for more information but he was interrupted by the arrival of Louis and Hana “Gerard, quelle surprise!” The French vampire exclaimed.

“On the contrary darling Louis, Alváro had informed the clan that our leader would be returning for the evening, perhaps if you check your phone you would find his presence less of a shock.” Hana interjected teasing Louis over his hatred for mundane technology.

“Mon chere, both of us know I only use my mobile phone in times of emergency. Honestly if it wasn’t for Gerard I wouldn’t even have the damn thing.”

Stopping the two before they could go any further Gerardo said “Stop flirting, and get out of my sight.”

Used to his bluntness and not at all offended the pair rolled their eyes but left to greet their other clan members.

Gerard left the now crowded kitchen returning to the living room where he was greeted with the sight of Blake and Riley snogging on the loveseat, picking up a nearby book, he chucked it at the pair. It hit them with a thud on the side of their faces and they jolted apart surprised. “If you ever do that in my eyesight again, I’ll rip your throats out. With my teeth.” He growled at the pair.

Raising his hands up in the defence sign Blake said “We didn’t realise someone had come in.”

“Bullshit” Gerard replied “You heard, but you were too busy sticking your tongue down Riley’s throat to give a shit.”

Before either could say anymore on the matter, a familiar salsa tune entered the house as a certain Colombian vampire walked in. At the sound of the first notes of the salsa song Buenaventura, a collective yell ran through the house of “Turn that fucking music off!”

Catalina sighed “I guess you can’t please everybody.”

Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



She followed Gerardo into the building followed quickly by Alváro, she stopped in her steps as another vampire crossed her path. He looked her over once, curiously raising his eyebrows at her and then looking back to the door where Gerardo had disappeared through. Danielle had  to roll her eyes at him – seriously was it that weird for Gerard to bring someone over? One stopped staring at her before grinning and outstretching a hand towards her.

“I’m Odin, welcome to the clan,” he said to her.

Dani scoffed staring at him, shaking his hand slowly with a tight smile on her face. “Danielle, nice to meet you but I’m not joining the clan.”

He actually seemed surprised at her answer, she rolled her eyes again with a small laugh walking to a much larger room where presumably the rest of the clan was sitting, eating pizza turned to look at Gerardo and then her. Dammit, this situation had gone from downhill into an inescapable trench. She smiled politely at them before glaring at Gerardo. Odin and Alváro entered the room, walking around her and sitting down with the other vampires.

“I’m Angus,” said a the burly vampire with a thick Scottish accent.

“I’m Helena, you’ll meet the other after they come back – welcome to the clan,” added an irish female voice.

Biting back a groan, she ran a hand through her hair – Gerardo was going to owe her, big time. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Gerardo making his way to the kitchen, probably to get pizza and some blood. “I’m Danielle, or Dani whatever you prefer and I hate to break to you but I’m not joining your clan – the only reason I’m here is because Beltrano effectively kidnapped me,” she said slowly moving towards the kitchen, “It’s probably worth adding, I’m definitely not fucking him – I have much better taste than him.”

She heard more laughing and she found herself laughing lightly until she entered the kitchen crossing her arms and glaring at the Clan leader’s back – keeping up her intense stare as he handed her a slice of pizza and a glass of blood. She set it to the side for a moment not really caring how loud she was , the vampires in the other room would hear them anyway.

“What do I want to talk about, Beltrano? You’ve got to be kidding me!” she stared, scoffing at him. “You kidnap me and take me to your clan. How dare you! After I specifically told you that I wasn’t interested in joining a clan or even thinking about joining a clan and I’m not even ready to join a clan again. You owe me big time. Seriously, although to be honest it’s amusing to watch you fluster at their assumptions because that’s all it really is.”

Gerard casually continued eating his pizza as Dani ranted at him “Look Danielle, I don’t really see the problem, if you don’t want to join the clan than don’t. It may surprise you but no one is here by force the only reason everyone is welcoming you is because I don’t bring people back unless they’re joining. When you tell them you’re not it is only natural for them to assume we’re fucking but really why else would I bring back a woman? By the way there are 36 of us so you might want to get used to it.” He drank from his glass before adding “I was not flustered, honestly what brought you to that conclusion? Very well I owe you, as you wish. Now stop sulking and make some friends. Eat your pizza, Sienna is quite good at it.”

As he finished Joan walked into the kitchen “Lover’s tiff?” the French woman asked

“Stai zitto, Joan.  You were standing out there the whole time, weren’t you?”

She smirked “I didn’t get any pizza, and I heard about your new lady friend, Danielle.”

“Bullshit you don’t even like pizza, plus Danielle prefers to be called Dani.”

“I don’t hear you calling her Dani.”

“Yes but I like to piss people off, now stop ignoring her and talk to her.”

“Very well commandant, as you wish” Joan walked over to Dani and kissed her three times on the cheek “Bonjour, my name is Jeanne Dubois and I helped the French revolutionaries storm the Bastille how do you do?” Gerard rolled his eyes at the vampire’s greeting watching the two in amusement as he began eating another slice of pizza. A minute or two later Reinhart appeared in the kitchen, his blonde hair sticking up everywhere.

“Gerard, hva gjør du her? Hvem er hun?”

“Ciao Reinhart, another afternoon nap?” Gerardo asked gesturing to the vampire’s bed head.  “Dani Raine, she’s just a friend from the Institute”

Gerard noticed the renewed interest in the vampire’s expression, as Gerard mentioned the Institute—a place the whole clan had expressed a huge interest despite being told repeatedly that it was quite boring.

“You mean Gerry has friends?” Riley asked running into the kitchen and hugging Gerard. He grimaced at the nickname “What have I said about that stupid name? Back from your date already?”

“Ah, you know you love it really” she chided letting go of Gerard “Course we did when Alvie text Blake to say you were home.” Before turning around to Dani and hugging her as well “Hello, I’m Riley. Nice to meet you, and welcome to House Beltrano, fangs and blood, our sigil is the red fox.”

Nikolaj groaned as he walked in the kitchen to refill his glass “Stop saying that. We don’t live in fucking Westeros.” The Dane groaned

“Maybe not but you know what Westeros is.” Riley said pointing at Nikolaj

“I actually like Game of Thrones, I don’t just watch it because it turns me on.” He accused the girl.

“Fuck off, I know you’re attracted to Cersei.”

“Are you really arguing about a Game of Thrones again?” Charlie asked, his tone bored “Riley, your boyfriend is wondering where you are”

As Riley left the kitchen Charlie slipped passed Dani, slying pickpocketed her phone which no one but Gerard noticed “Charles, Danielle is guest, refrain from stealing from her, alright?”

Charlie pouted at the clan leader but handed Dani her phone back.

Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



She rolled her eyes when he answered – her a couple of minutes until she could get away from him and wherever he was taking her. They turned into Wolverine Street, which earned an incredulous scoff from her, it was entirely residential. All dark and silent except for one house which had all the lights on – why on earth would he bring here? They finally paused at the lively house, immediately letting go of Gerard and jumping off the bike.

She was about to ask the vampire where they even were – that was until another vampire came out of the building and the pieces of the puzzle all suddenly came together. It had definitely gotten worse and she only expected it to go downhill from here. She glared at Gerardo, shoving him angrily as he moved towards the other vampire.

“I hate you so much right now,” she muttered under her breath hoping that he’d hear her.

Looking around the street, she wondered what she could – she didn’t know where she was? Except for Staten Island, she didn’t have much choice but to tag unwillingly along. Although, she was going to make Gerard suffer for this. Returning her attention to the two vampires in front of her, walking around the bike stepping closer to them pausing in mid-step when she heard their conversation. She hadn’t even spent  five minutes  in the place and things were already going downhill.

“I’m right here you know,” she called out, looking at the two vampires with raised eyebrows a tight-lipped smile on her lips. “By the way Beltrano, we need to talk.”

Danielle wanted to scream at Gerardo, first he’d kidnapped her and now he’d brought her to his clan when she told him explicitly that she had no current interest in even considering joining a clan. the other vampire who’d assumed that Gerardo and herself were … intimate came up to her, striding cockily and a smirk growing in her face she simply arched an eyebrow at him. ”I’m Alváro – second hand of Gerardo. What’s your name, hermosa?” he asked her with a smirk, looking her over. “Should I be welcoming you?”

“Danielle, I’m sure the pleasure is mine and no, I am not joining this clan or any other as far as I’m concerned,” she said quickly. She didn’t think that was going to shake him off but she didn’t care at the moment, she thought to herself as she walked after Gerardo – he was not just going to leave her.

Gerard laughed as he heard Dani brush Alváro off, just as well he didn’t think Sienna who appreciate hearing about him flirting with others. As he walked through the front door he noticed Odin walking down the stairs “Gerard, what are you doing here?”

“Nice to see you too Odin, what I can’t come check up on you lot?  Is everyone here?”

Odin rolled his eyes at the response “Apart from Blake, Riley, Daniel and Lucy. They’re on a double date. Everyone else should be in the living-dining room.”  Gerard nodded before walking into the huge room Odin behind him, he was sure Dani was still following. The rest of the clan were lounging on the sofas and various other chairs eating pizza and drinking it down with blood, they didn’t notice Gerard walk in to busy laughing amongst themselves. “Where’s my slice?” he asked and the room went silent as they all turned to look at him.

“In the bloody kitchen, where else” Angus’ thick Scottish accent burst out, Gerard smiled “Angus, I see you haven’t changed one bit in my absence.”

“Why would I? I’m bloody perfect”

“What do you mean? He’s gotten worse!” an Irish voice cried in reply.

“Now, now Helena play nice” Gerard teased before remembering that Danielle wanted to have a little chat with him, walking towards the kitchen he called out “I’m getting some pizza, Danielle join me” as he heard the clan start to laugh he shouted “I’m not fucking her, get your heads out of the gutter.”

He grabbed two plates from the cupboard and placed couple of slices on each plate: one for him and one for Dani before opening the fridge which was half full of blood bags from the local hospital “I wonder who was responsible for this” Gerard grabbed one and opening it poured into two glasses before handing a plate and glass over to Dani, biting into his own pizza. He immediately recognised the flavours of the tomato sauce on it, only one vampire could have made it: Sienna and she only made on special occasions so she must have known he was visiting. Concentrating again on Dani he asked “Well Danielle, what is it you wished to talk about?”

Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



She tried to run when she saw him move after her, but he’d still managed to pull her in by the waist and haul her back to the bike holding her there. She narrowed her eyes at him, she could murder him right now – but if she did, she’d have to take over his clan and that’s the last thing she wanted. Danielle seethed silently – not bothering to even speak to him knowing he’d just twist her words again. There wasn’t much she could do for now, he was set on taking her wherever it was that he was going and wasn’t letting her go until then. “Oh shut up Gerard, you’re pretty much kidnapping me,” she hissed, “And you’re not funny.”

A surprise? For some reason she didn’t like the sound of that too much, and too be honest she didn’t think she was going to enjoy the surprise. He climbed on to the bike, turned the ignition on and sped off without warning, she immediately grabbed on to him – cursing the situation he’d gotten her into. She leaned back during the ride, watching disinterestedly as the moved through the blur of colours that was Manhattan wandering when they were going to stop. 

“Are we there yet?” she said over the roar of the wind, bored.

Gerard ignored everything but the road concentrating on the concrete path, the multitude of cars which he zig zagged around. Although slightly disappointed by Dani’s lack of response he has glad she hadn’t tried to jump That would have troublesome…. He thought. “Just a couple more minutes” He replied as they crossed the toll bridge.

A couple of minutes later Gerard turned his bike onto Wolverine St, scoffing as he saw the sign post, nevertheless he drove to the end of the road stopping at the last house, which despite it being 2:30 in the morning had all it’s lights on. As he turned off the engine and pulled his keys out of the bike, the front door opened to reveal a young Hispanic man in his late twenties “Volpe!” He exclaimed walking out and down the porch steps “You came!”

“I told you I would didn’t I?” Gerardo drawled in response

“Si, but you said a couple of months ago as well” Alváro reminded the clan leader. “But” he added his gaze flicking to Dani “if she’s the reason then I totally understand.”

Gerard looked at Dani and laughed “No, not in the way you’re thinking amico, Danielle is just…. an acquaintance.” He said before getting off the bike.

“Some acquaintance, for you to bring her here.”

“We’ve come… to an understanding, and not the sexual kind Alváro. Go on, go introduce yourself while I check on the others.” With that Gerard left the two vampires together while he went inside the house.