Gerardo smirked at the young vampire not trapped under Catalina’s gaze, the fledgling fidgeting with anxiety until they realised they were being stared at. “Oh no, please continue. The squirming is one of the best parts.” He told the young thing before adding “I believe you were asked a question, are neither of you going to at least attempt to defend yourselves?”


“I doubt they’ll be given any. If they carry along this vein, they’ll be lucky to outlast this week.”

Gerardo laughed at the young vampires, they’re were too easily intimidated but that made it all the fun. “Look at them, quite pathetic. I don’t think this will take long at all.” He quickly moved towards the vampire who was still on the floor, not so gently shoving their shoulder. “This child can’t even stand.”


That I can give them.” She replied. When one of the fledglings turned to look at them, apparently having learned anew to use his enhanced hearing, Catalina smirked dismissively. “Well, carry on.”

Gerard raised an eyebrow at the young vampire when he didn’t turn back around, the vampire flinched slightly at the two elder vampires before returning to his ‘fight’. “Well it appears the children do learn.”