“You’re right. It’s just wishful thinking. But don’t get it twisted, your thoughts are no less human than mine. Rationalizing our shittiness is what people do best.”

Gerard rolled his eyes. “Yes, yes we’re a little human inside boring boring and also incorrect but you keep that little dream of yours.”



“How is there not a real fucking criminal justice system? There are admitted mass murderers just walking around who have never faced any consequences and just keep on killing. That’s sick. The entire philosophy that brutality is somehow okay is even more sick —
“ Caroline stopped. “Sorry, you don’t care.” Whatever. Granted, the mundane’s thoughts weren’t completely on the serial killers. She hadn’t been able to keep her mind off the fact that the vampire bitch would never be brought to justice.


“You’re right I don’t care, I need to eat and if sometimes that results in a couple of deaths so be it. No one else here cares because they’re not the ones getting bitten, but also because a criminal justice system in the way you want would never work it. It’s morals would suffocate and it would die a pitiless and meaningless death. So go bother someone else with your protesting human thoughts.”