“I tend to be late most of the time.” She smiled politely. “Emilia Castillo. And, you are?” Again, she struggled gathering his vibe, but the shiver down her spine confirmed vampire. 

“Castillo? Spanish? Or the New World?” Gerardo asked intrigued. “Gerardo Beltrano.”



“Perhaps that would be wise but tonight it a night that everyone should enjoy. Regardless whether the wine is making you ever so slightly deaf.”

“You assume they would not enjoy it.” 



“Let them gossip, I find that I shall always be a source for gossip wherever I go that is not home. What does it matter if I shall be leaving soon enough anyway,” she chuckled politely before shaking her head. “And like I said I do not know how to dance this.”

Gerardo shrugged “It’s not as complicated as it first seems, and quite repetitive. One of the favourites at the moment is La Volta, though I believe because it is the only dance that requires physical contact. The Gavotte is also occurring more often.”



“Oh I’ve been indulging in the upper class for quite some time. Looking for someone else … having the same dinner can become quite blad after a while,” he said, his eyes searching for a new meal. 

“True.” Gerardo’s eyes scanned the crowd, searching for others that had found themselved mingling with England’s elites. “There. By the servant’s door.” The person in question was, naturally, a servant. A young thing, she watched the going ons with envy and awe in her eyes. She would no doubt be easily persuaded and  not missed by many.


Offering a small smile to the vampire in front of her, she looked out to her surrounding “Men, in my experience and I think as general rule, will drink in celebrations. However, the European dances are quite strange to me, entirely foreign territory,” she admitted with a light shrug.

“Yes, I think we can safely say that is true for men where ever they maybe. The women, however, are more ruthless than most will give them credit. They know you couldn’t possibly know their dances but they will gossip ardently if you don’t.”