Rolling his head back, Gerardo stretched out his neck now it was free form Arvid’s grip. “Tired already? I didn’t realise age affected vampires, but I suppose when as old as yourself even immortality isn’t enough.”



As soon as Arvid felt his nose break the vampire grabbed his fellow child of the night and tightened his grib around his neck once again. “Bad day; don’t piss me off!“ He could feel his nose began to heal but was sure he had to break it again so it wouldn’t be crooked.

Gerard was getting fed up with the whole neck grabbing thing, sure the other vampire had a tight grip and he was probably bruising and healing but it wasn’t like breath was a necessity. Rolling his eyes Gerard drew up his leg and whacked it against Arvid’s chest pushing the vampire away from himself.


“What a pity!” Arvid said, taking him by the neck before throwing him into the wall.

In hindsight Gerard should have seen that coming, but he was too busy laughing to himself to really take notice. Now though he was pissed and just because Arvid had a couple years on him didn’t mean this was going to go in Arvid’s favour. “I just told you I beheaded someone, and you throw me into a wall really? Don’t you think before you do anything?” Gerard asked sure the comment would further enrage the other vampire as he whacked a punch to his face feeling Arvid’s nose break as he did.


“Did anyone ever tell you not to piss off someone that is ages older than you?” He replied, jaw tightened.

“One guy did. I chopped off his head.” Gerard became more and more amused as he watched the other vampire’s anger grow. 


He shot forward, holding Gerard by his neck upward against the wall, squeezing slightly, growling. “You, know nothing about me, Gerard. Especially not my life before and what exactly happened.” His grib becoming tighter. “So I’d suggest you better watch your mouth around me or next time it will be a steak through the heart.“ With one swift and quick motion of his arm she threw him against the wall, before leaving the room with the child in his arm.

Gerard was only marginally surprised by the other vampire’s actions but more than anything he was pissed. Anyone who had ever dare touch him like that soon regretted it, and he was only half listening to the threat as he planned his revenge. Watching the vampire walk away he replied knowing full well Arvid could hear him. “You’ve issued your threat, so know I’ll give you mine in reply. Hide that child, and hide it well. Because next I see it, it won’t see the light of day again.” Pulling his phone from his trouser pocket Gerard immediately began sending out orders, wanting to know the child’s every move from there on out.