“I was just checking..helping a bit out here and there and brought a blood bag..” She held it up, smiling slightly. “Should I get Artemis?” Aileen offered, placing the blood bag at the top of the drawer, backing out of the room. Hell, it must’ve been really hard when she heard who had been possessed.

Gerardo swung his arm whacking the blood bag away, it burst spraying blood over the walls and furniture. “Why would you do that?” He growled, quickly jumping onto the defensive.



“Shall I sing you a song? And dance, too?” Cat asked, her voice dripping in sarcasm.

“Well that would definitely entertain me. I didn’t realise you could do either of those things.” Gerardo smirked at the other vampire ignoring her sarcasm.


“Sorry about the stupid question. ” Ally said quietly, slowly backing up. “Can I help you somehow? Do you need something?” She asked but smiled at the grumpy vampire.

“Blood. Kitchen.” He grumbled sitting up so he could face the mundane properly. 


“There’s this thing called helping. Really useful for times like these.” Emma muttered sarcastically as she sunk her Seraph Blade into a demon. She wiped the blood stains off the weapon with her leather jacket. “Or you know, you could just stand there. That’s always fun.”


Gerard pushed himself off the wall “Well I thought a Shadowhunter like you could handle one or two demons but if you can’t then fine.” He pulled one of the demons towards him and ripped its head off.