Gerard rolled his eyes before grabbing the mundane’s arm and pulling her towards the nearest clothes shop. “I know in all your mundie films and TV shows you think pulling your jacket closed is going to solve the problem until you get home but it doesn’t. You look like you fell into a rubbish bin and reek of blood.” He pointed to the women’s section of the shop “Go, pick something out and get changed. Bring your old clothes with you on your way out and we’ll dispose of them.

“Hey!“ She protested, before looking at him as if he was crazy. “Dude, as if I just break in. It’s in he middle of the night if you haven’t recognized it yet. It’s after 10 p.m. Shop’s closed.“ Ally pointed at the little sign that pointed out the hors when it was open and when it closed.

Sighing impatiently at the inconvenience Gerard looked inside the building, noticing the alarm just inside the door. Running around to the back, he broke the back door lock and once inside the shop punched the alarm system and pulled any wires connecting to cameras. Making sure no other evidence would remain once they left he walked to the front door and opening it said to the mundane “Don’t call me dude. Now and come in and pick some clothes for fuck’s sake.”



“Which means you’re confirming my earlier statement about pretending that you’re the exception. Either way…”

“Either way we were talking about you and not me. So I don’t see how it matters.”


Rose’s smile quickly faded from his lack of humor. She rolled her eyes and set down her glass.  “Okay, well, if you would like to be a prude, feel free. I will be off having my own fun.” She chugged the rest of her glass and placed it in the sink. “I will see you around, vampire. Come speak to me when you feel like having fun.” Rose spun around and started for the exit. She stopped right before and gave him a small playful smile, “Oh and my name is Rose by the way.”


“You and I may differ on what we consider fun.” Gerard replied dismissively finishing off his second bag of blood and moving on to the third. He didn’t bother looking up as she said goodbye and only responded when she mentioned her name “Good for you.”


You should wear a condom on your head because if you’re gonna act like a dick, you might as well dress like one. 


Arrogant but slightly more innovative than its peers. Hm. Interesting. Did you stay up all night thinking of that one, little Shadowhunter?