Speech is silver, Silence is golden. | Gerardo & Katerina



Deleting his words she wrote, I don’t care. They do something I will stop them! She gave him his mobile phone back, rolling her eyes muttering “Stupid children of the night..” Katerina stopped in her tracks, she could whisper, there was literally coming words out of her mouth. Finally! Shewas looking at Gerardo, wondering if he heard it and immediately there was a grin on her face.

Gerard looked up at the shadowhunter halfway in responding to her, surprised as he actually heard what she had said but angered by the words.
You are quick to assume the wrong in people, shadowhunter, just because my clan had the opportunity doesn’t mean they will always take it. Of course if I had known about this sooner I probably would have told the to go out and paint the town red but alas…” He tried to sound intimidating but he was forced to whisper and it didn’t really have the same effect.


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