Speech is silver, Silence is golden. | Gerardo & Katerina



Kat rolled her eyes, before she took the phone, reading what he wrote. She slowly nodded, typing in a message.

I have no idea either, but it’s really fascinating how this is possible. Though it’s I would love to know who is behind this!

She handed him back his phone pulling up her knees to place her arms up on them, her head leaned against the wall, looking at the dark ceiling. It had something nice, this silence. First of all people couldn’t annoy her and would maybe leave her alone and second, she could think about quite a few things. With a sigh she turned her head towards Gerardo, looking at him.

Gerard snorted at Katerina’s response and began typing furiosly when she handed the phone back to him How you find this fascinating is beyond me, but it would be good to know who did this and how. Chucking the phone back he ducked his head drawing swirling patterns in the light dust on the floor as he waited her response.

He wondered what his clan was doing, if they were out on the town or having a night in bickering amongst one another. Maybe watching TV or playing on the game system he had… acquired for them, either way he figured they were having more fun then he was at the moment.    


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