Speech is silver, Silence is golden. | Gerardo & Katerina



She grabbed the phone and typed. I know don’t judge me I realized that just at the same time as you that it is day time but I need to check out something real quick. Stay there, don’t move! You have a clan, right? The shadowhunter climbed up the latter to the attic, walking up the stairs to the flat roof, and was quite happy to get some fresh air. Standing at the ceiling she looked down, seeing nothing, everything moved but she heard nothing. This was a great oppurtunity for those who rebell especially for kills tonight. She had to get a few people with her to get on a patrol tonight before something happened but so far there was nothing so many of them couldn’t have noticed by now and if it was going to be a horror night for everyone.

Going back quickly she jumped down the latter next to Gerardo, looking at him with crossed arms. She had to tell him, if he had a clan and she would dare to touch his clan members if they did anything tonight.

Gerard rolled his eyes but waited patiently as the shadowhunter inspected the roof, it was now that he realised the dangers of being mute. He relied to heavily on his hearing and it was gone he was virtually redundant, he couldn’t do anything if someone snuck up on him. With that recognition he now understood what Katerina was doing, checking for any potential attacker though what his clan had to do with it was beyond him. He was here in the Institute and they wouldn’t come unless he called and certainly not in daylight.When Katerina returned he passed her his phone with the message already typed out My clan are none of your concern. He showed her the message raising an eyebrow.


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