“No, but will I have to watch my back for you? Have you planned one of your stupid little revenge against you?” she asked, looking back at the vampire. Artemis rolled her eyes at him, as if he ever cared about the schematics of actually having somewhere called home to protect and rogue werewolves were always a problem or understood that they were other options to sorting a problem that didn’t involve violence. “C’est  la vie,” she repeated, at least he’d stopped using pet names.


“You can watch.” Gerard said shrugging “Hm, you should know I always have a little revenge planned, but none for you yet cara mia.” Looking forward Gerard saw that the Institute was looming ever closer. He stayed silent for a couple of moments soon realising that he could not walk into the church alongside the werewolf, couldn’t bare the awkwardness that who doubt come. So when they reached the beginning on the path that led to the Institute door he stopped “Well this is where I must bid you adieu mon amor. This… encounter has made me quite hungry. Ciao.” With that he smirked and kissed the werewolf on the cheek, without another word he turned and went walking back the way he had just came. There was still a couple until the sunrise and he knew he would find himself a meal by then.


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