“I thought it would, I’m surprised that Helena is even on my side,” she said, slowly sipping her wine watching as Gerard guzzled his glass as quickly as he had downed the shots. She watched amused as he leant back in his seat, completely and utterly relaxed. “Territories do change but the essential base remains the same Gerard, not that you would understand. One of mine? My wolf wouldn’t have done anything had your vampires kept their business discreet,” she said with a scoff. “And if you get drunk, I will just leave you here. Thought I should mention that now.”


“It wouldn’t be the first time sweetheart.” Gerard laughed “Discretion is not a trait all of my vampires possess plus they weren’t doing any harm. As for Helena, I think she admires you. God knows why but I pretty sure that it weren’t for Fionn and our conflicting species she would happily join your pack.”


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