He was assessing her, she could spot that from a distance, finding any way to turn the conversation around and avoid answering her. “If I’m the one stalling, then why did you ask me to stay? If not to stall,” she asked back walking up to him, arching a brow at him, “Like I said, I made choice Gerado, I will end this.” Listening on she couldn’t stop herself from biting back a smile, repeating his last words in her mind again in amusement before sighing. “I guess that’s the best answer I’ll ever get out of you, won’t it?” she said with a small laugh, looking up at him. Before he could say anything, she briefly locked eyes with him as her hands slid up to his neck, her finger weaving into the curls of his hair leaning up as she crashed her lips against his – she needed this one last memory before she could shut that door.

Gerard eagerly responded, pulling the werewolf so she was sitting in his lap, his hands moving to her shoulder blades pulling her ever closer. Breaking the kiss, he repeated his earlier action, his lips trailing down her jaw and neck. Once they reached the base of her neck he began nibbling at the point where her neck and shoulders met leaving his mark behind before he kiss her lips again. He fell back against the bed dragging her with him but putting her in control. 


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