“Don’t call me mon cher either,” she said before slowly looking up at him. The mention of him sent her blood running cold through her, fists clenching on the table – taking a breath before relaxing. This is why she couldn’t trust Gerardo, he knew more about her than she liked and he was ruthless  enough to use it against her. “No. We are not to mention him, ever,” Artemis said through gritted teeth, “And I’m no one’s darling, not any more.” 


Gerard’s eyes flickered down to Artemis’ clenched hands before they flickered up to her face processing her reaction. He smiled to himself, it seemed that he would still provoke a reaction and which Gerard found interesting. “I see. Well I shan’t mention him again then, amore.” They were interrupted by James bringing over their second round. “Joaquin, its been a while since we last saw. Is this the mysterious wife you were telling us about?"  Gerard mentally cursed he had invented a backstory for himself the first time he had entered the bar as James had insisted about knowing him, but now it was backfiring. Smiling he said "Yes, managed to persuade her to come see the bar. What do you think of it, bella?



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