Closing her eyes, she felt his lip wander over the side of her jaw down to her neck – her heart beating faster than it had in a long time. She couldn’t stop herself from savouring the moment, etching it into her mind until he finally pulled away, stepping back letting the reality of the situation set in.  Opening her eyes, she stared at the ground for a long while the sound of their breathing and her heart filling in the silence; even now she could still feel this lips pressed against her skin – reminding her of what had just happened. I should go,” she said looking towards door, unable to bring her gaze back up to him. Artemis hesitated before walking up to the door, her mind determined to leave but her heart fighting against it, her hand pausing on the doorknob. 


Gerard slowly backed away until the back of his knees hit the bed, his skin and lips still tingling from her touch. As his legs backed into the bed he sat down the whole time watching Artemis as she walked to leave. He could feel the hesitation radiating from her, the feeling intensified because he felt it two. “Or you could stay. Just for tonight.”


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