But that’s what it would be, a mistake for us, She thought to herself, but didn’t dare say it, that would be too painful. She had to make a choice, leave or stay. Even though he wasn’t close to her, she could still feel his presence lingering on her skin, could she really bring herself to leave? “Do you want me to stay?” she finally asked, turning around to face him, watching for his reaction as he lay on the bed, “Because if I do, I’m going to walk out that door and shut it. That’s it.”


Gerard took a deep breath and brushed away his emotions becoming his stoic self once again, it probably wasn’t what Artemis wanted, and maybe not what she wanted him to do but he had to. For both their sakes, he needed to keep sane and this overload of emotions meant he couldn’t so he had to switch them off. Years of practising made it easy, years of telling himself and others around him, though when he turned and saw Artemis they faltered slightly before his wall built up again. “It’s your choice, either option is… acceptable. The minute you walk out that door it’s over, which is what’s best. Whether you do so now, or when the sun rises is of little consequence. Make your choice, Artemis.” He knew it would most likely be considered cruel to force her to make the choice, but to him there was no other option. 


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