Artemis sighed at his words, so close and yet so far – her hand tightened on the doorknob but “Stay and make the same mistake twice?” Artemis said, still not facing him knowing what her answer would be if she did look at him, “Because you know it would be a mistake to do this to us, again. It’s hard enough to walk away as it is.” She turned her head still keeping her gaze lowered, avoiding him as much as she could, why couldn’t she just leave and be done with it?


“I can’t do us again. That’s not what I’m asking, we can’t handle that. Just… stay.” He asked unsure of how she would respond. A part of him begged that she would stay so he could fully commit her to memory, before they both parted for good. Another hoped she would have the courage to leave. To end it. He had closed the door on them the first time, if he did it again it wouldn’t completely be over for them, it had to be her this time. Watching her at the door he wasn’t entirely sure she could do it and the way she avoided looking at him only highlighted her hesitancy. In an attempt to take away some pressure off her he turn away hiding himself from her, may be then she could find her strength.


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