Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



Dani was already rolling her eyes  and crossing her arm when ducked at the sound of  glass smashing and banging. What the hell was going on now? She thought to herself, as the room began to fill in with mundane … with garlic, lighters, guns. Mundane hunters, that was sincerely the cherry on the cake. She really hated them more than shadowhunters by miles but she wasn’t letting the opportunity slip from her using the confusion and Gerard’s shift in focus provided a perfect opportunity. She quickly zipped around Gerardo, slyly taking out his motorbike keys and pocketing them for herself – she could have a very soft touch when she wanted to.

“This really isn’t the time to start chastising your clan,” Dani reminded Gerardo. “There are more pressing details at hand.”

Dani turned to look at hunter, arching her brow with an amused smile at twenty year old woman who came into the room, while Gerardo threatened them. That was so not the way to deal with hunters, it only emboldened them even more. 

“If I may, I’d like to point a couple of things out to you, darling,” Dani started with a sigh. “You may outnumber us, but we have speed, strength and experience which always tops numbers. Hell, I could file my nails and rip your head off if I wanted to. Second, if you think we’re going to have an adverse reaction to garlic, I hate to break it to you but that myth is actually a myth. Third, guns aren’t going to stop us or kill us. So if you know what’s best for you … I suggest you leave now, and start drinking heavily to forget all about this.”

By the end of her speech she had made her way through the hunter successfully, considering that they were already starting to back off slightly. Turning back to the clan and Gerard she smirked, before waving his motorbike keys at him.

“Now that I’m here, I should say I’m not his girlfriend nor am I part of the clan. Seriously get some imagination,” she said to the hunters, turning back to the vampires. “Have fun, I am really going to miss out on this slaughter but it was really nice meeting you all, maybe I’ll see you later. Oh, Gerard you owe me. Ta!”

Running out of the house, Dani quickly hopped onto the bike smiling once more at the house and driving off.

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