Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



“Just so you can get some perspective on the subject and cut these guys a break,” she said with a smirk, “You never know Gerard, it might do you some good.” Dani laughed at Riley’s comment over her hitting Gerard, did no one really ever hit Gerard? Aparently not. Not that that surprised her either.

“Well, Gerry knows that I don’t have to listen to him and that I don’t really listen to anyone – maybe that’s why,” she said as a suggestion, shrugging at the young vampire.

Dani sighed for the nth time in this night, sinking back in her chir as Gerard managed to get the vampires to back off from their interrogation. She looked to and fro from Helena and Gerard until Helena addressed her again. She laughed to herself as they tried to decode the relationship between Gerardo and herself.

“Well, I’m afraid I’m going to have to say that whatever Gerry feels is unrequited – sorry sweetheart,” she said with an amused smile. “Fine, we’re not acquaintance but I’m not his friend even if he considers me his friend. Although, bad terms doesn’t necessarily mean hostility and we’re on okay terms, most of the times and now isn’t one of them. What about you Gerry have anything to say on the matter?”

“The Institute isn’t that bad, Gerry you’re just horribly anti-social and you don’t talk to anyone and when you do you either shout or threaten them. So you don’t really ever give anyone a chance, the warlocks, fae, nephilim, werewolves and other vampires are mostly nice. There are a couple of exceptions,” she said pointedly to the clan leader before turning to the rest of the clan. “Apart from a few incidences, it has been pretty dull – you’re most stuck in the never ending grey walls of the Institute for half a day training or doing … whatever really, until the sun goes down.”

“See that’s what I wanted to know,” Reinhart says before turning back to Danielle. “Thanks.”

“What do you mean by a few incidents?” Joan asked with a laugh.

“There was an accidental body swap between roommates – warlock’s mistake, that was a disaster I got stuck in the body of an overbearing-arrogant-alpha-without-a-pack. Fireworks for New Years and a birthday for a kleptomaniac cat which I’m still confused about. Gerard has been in none of these incidents.”

“That’s interesting,” Nikolaj said, nodding after she’d finished.

“Is that elaborated enough for you?” Dani said with a smile.

“Gerard you should bring her around more often, she’s not half bad for an outside and she at least tells us something,” Blake chuckled.

Dani looked up as another clan member walked into the crowded room, sulking and angry causing the whole room to go silent. Composing, who would compose anything here? She smiled at the vampire nodding as Alvaro explained.

“I’m not joining the clan either and it’s lovely to meet you too Valentina.”

“Dani was just telling us about the Institute,” Riley said grinning.

Chenglei walked into the living room laughing “Gerard with a girlfriend?”

The clan leader glared at the Chinese vampire who was decked out in his martial arts kit. “Really that’s all you got from the conversation.”

“How long were you listening to the conversation before you decided to grace us with your presence?” Helena asked

“Huh? Oh I’ve been listening since Dani and Gerard walked into the building. I was only in my room practicing. Seriously though can you imagine Gerard being all loved up? I mean the closest he ever got was Artemis and they weren’t exactly loved up before he fucked it up.”

Gerard growled not only at the mention of the alpha werewolf but also because some of his words cut a little too deep.

“He didn’t fuck it up. We had to leave.” Helena interjected.

“Yeah, why?” Chenglei countered “I don’t remember ever getting a reason.”

“You didn’t like her anyway Chenglei so shut the fuck up.” Helena growled standing.

The two glared at each other and before anyone could react launched at each other. Although Chenglei was a master of martial arts but Helena had at least 600 years on him, she had experience and speed. It wasn’t long before she had him pinned to the ground, flashing her fangs at him and demanding he yield. Gerard watched indifferent, it wasn’t unusual for arguments to occur among the clan, especially considering they were all living together and to be honest he was surprised it took so long for one to spark. So he did nothing to stop the two he until Chenglei called Helena a “crazy bitch.”

“Bastard, don’t you dare talk to her that way.” Fionn spat.

Gerard sighed and stood up, he’d thought it best to stop this before it went to fair. “Helena get up, Chenglei you went too bloody far, apologise.”

Neither looked happy at the scolding but did as they were told “Neither of you, none of you” he continued talking to everyone “get to comment on what went on between Artemis and I.” Looking at Dani he said “And no telling Danielle, either, she knows enough already.” He knew this would annoy the vampire but he didn’t really care, as far as he was concerned she knew more than anyone else at the Institute, well almost he thought remembering that the werewolf who his clan mates had just been fighting about was also in the illustrious church.

“What’s that meant to mean?” Reinhart asked but Gerard didn’t answer for a second as he heard Charlie asked Dani a question at the same time “Dani are you going to carrying out your plan yet? I want to see it in action.” Gerard narrowed his eyes at the question before answering the Norwegian “Exactly that she knows to much.”

“Too much about what?” Chenglei continued.

Gerard sighed again, there was no way he could avoid this. They know if he lied to them and right now he couldn’t be bothered to think of anything so for once he responded honestly. “Me. Too much about me.”

The clan, for the second time that evening, stopped all their small conversations to stare at their leader then to Dani and back again. The moment quickly vanished as they flooded Dani with questions about their clan leaders, all ones that they wouldn’t dare ask him personally for fear of how he would react.


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