Clan Encounters|| Gerard and Dani


Gerard sighed, after his probably life threatening (as in holyshittheclaveandothermembersoftheinstitutearegoingtobepissedthatipointedoutherstupidinsecruties) conversation with Seraphina Lightwood he decided to visit he clan house, which after the incident that occurred last time had moved. If the clan asked he was visiting them (which they probably call bullshit on) if someone from the Institute asked he was going to check up on them (Danielle would just tell him he’s bullshitting). Internally shrugging no one needed to know any otherwise-though even if was being honest, it was more of tactical retreat more than anything, he was certain after a couple of days the whole thing would blow over. It was about midnight when he left the church building, if he had left any earlier they’d definitely know he was bullshitting, but it also made for a good walk through the City. Since Danielle still had his bike, he didn’t really have any other choice, and he didn’t really want a new bike he was quite partial to the one he already had thank you very much.

As he approached the house he saw parked outside the house a bike….looking suspiciously like his own, increasing his pace he casually sniffed the bike to determine the smell. Which was 100% Danielle Raine, no mistaking he knew it as well as any other. He cursed, this meant she was inside and causing havoc, again. He was tempted to turn around and walk to the nearest bar, drink and find someone who didn’t need the blood they boasted, but like before a familiar face emerged from the front door crying “Volpe!”
“Really Alváro, do you stand guard at the door awaiting my arrival?”
“Not at all Volpe, I just knew that with the arrival of our guest you wouldn’t be far behind and I was right.”

He smiled at his clan leader, before answering the questions he knew Gerard would want the answers to. “It’s been about an hour, she fits in perfectly and while she hadn’t met everyone last time no one thinks you’re boning her. However, some are under the impression, encouraged by Helena naturally, that she was taken her ‘rightful’ place as your little sister. An idea, they’ve yet to present to her but no doubt you’ll both deny it so I don’t know if they will say anything. Ah, yes she is also creating what you would describe as a disaster of epic proportions and the rest of us consider entertainment. Miss Dani is currently presiding in the kitchen and Sienna has lasagne in the oven for you.”

Nodding Gerard decided it was probably best to go in and see what Miss Raine was up to. As he walked thought the house, Alváro behind him, he noticed that he wasn’t greeted by members of his clan wandering through the house. In fact, if he concentrated he would have to guess they were all in the kitchen, and he was right. When he walked in the kitchen the other 34 members of his clan and Dani were cramped in the kitchen, as he neared her the clan parted like the Red Sea eager to watch the two vampires interact.
“And just what, Danielle, do you think you are doing here?”
“I invited her” Jeanne called out from the throng
“I sent her our address” Helena, Catalina and Charlie joined in.
“How do you even have her number?” He asked as he turned to he glare at his clan members. Just about to berate them further when Sienna came pushing her way through the crowd claiming that her lasagne was ready. She opened the ridiculously big (and expensive) oven to pull out for five trays of lasagne and set them on the side to cool down.

“Someone set the tables, or just get cutlery.” She asked, the clan immediately began offering other people to do the jobs and leaving out of the kitchen in an attempt to avoid the menial labour. “I don’t care who does it, but if no one does you’re not getting any food.” Sienna continued placing bread in the oven to warm it up and pulling salad from the fridge.

Seeing a chance for revenge, no matter how small, Gerard seized the opportunity “Well I do.” Some members of the clan groaned while others laughed knowing they’re going to get stuck with the chores. “Catalina-plates, tissues and cutlery. Charlie-push the tables together, get some sheets to cover them with and make sure there are enough chairs to fit everyone. Jeanne- glasses.”

The Frenchwoman smirked until Gerard added that she would be filling the dishwasher after dinner as well. “Finally, Helena, you wash everything else such as the lasagne pans and Fionn you dry.”
“What did I do?” The Irishman protested.
“You could have stopped Helena.”
“Have you met Helena? I couldn’t have stopped her if I tried.”
Gerard raised an eyebrow at the vampire who sighed conceding “Fine.. geez.”
“By the way” Gerard added “We’re eating outside.”
“Why outside? We donnae usually eat outside.” Angus asked
“I’m well aware of that Angus but we have a guest, and it is a longer distance from the kitchen to carry plates and such.”


Fifteen minutes later everyone went outside to sit at the tables while Sienna and Alváro brought out the food. They began sitting down Gerard near the middle insisting that Danielle sit next to him while the others arranged themselves accordingly, once they had all sat down and had a plateful of lasagne, salad and a piece of bread he said “Bon Appetito.”


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