“Oh really? Pray tell,” she said, looking up at him as he pinned her arms against the wall. She knew that he knew what she was trying to do, they did know each other too well. “Now that I mention it? I’m sure you noticed before,” she question raising an eyebrow. She didn’t give him time to answer as she headbutted him hard before moving her arms out of his grasp pushing him back, planting a strong well aimed kick at his chest using the wall for support.


Gerard swore “Cazzo” as he went flying back. “You’ve got stronger.” He told her as he pulled himself off the ground. Uncharacteristically he decided to stop fighting, he didn’t particularly care if she saw it as a moment of weakness or his backing down but honestly he wasn’t really in the mood. He walked over to his sword and put it away in its scabbard. “I think that’s enough for now cara mia unless you have any other insecurities you wish to fight me about, I am going for a drink.”


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