Laughing as she went, she grabbed the mop resting against the corner of the wall, a few meters away from the kitchen. She then picked up an empty bottle and refilled it water from the sink. After filling them in, she hurriedly went back to the person sprawled or sitting patiently on the floor for her return. Once his sitting figure emerged from gradually, she raised the mop in her hand and hollered for his attention, “Got it!” Once she was paced right next to the man, just out of perimeter from the greasy floor. “Okay, could you, um, scoot for a moment?” she asked as she she tipped the water bottle downwards, the contents spilling slowly out of it. Satisfied, she placed the bottle over the floor and started mopping the oily surface. “I’m Tessa Gray, by the way.” she offered small talk to pass the time.


Moving as much as he could to avoid the water Gerard watched as the warlock Tessa cleaned the floor “Gerard. Gerard Beltrano, normally I might say pleasure to meet you but unfortunately these aren’t the best circumstances for meeting new people. Nevertheless I am grateful for your help.”


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