So this is the infamous institute?



Religion, one of the greatest problems and it always has been. Yet I’m fascinated by how people chose to belief the writings of one book. * Takes the books from him and begins flicking through the Bible* Though shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife? Well they have a point there. Obviously they aren’t so into affairs of the heart… Wow, a book about the history of the world? Must be a pretty big book…
I know a little bit of history about them… I really like that sort of stuff but nothing major.

Yeah? I like how quiet they always seem to be. I always would go to one when I was in a bad mood. I would never ever leave in one.

Some of the things the Bible has to say makes sense, as for most religious texts but the rest, in my view anyway is pretty much bullshit.  Actually the history book isn’t that big,  which is probably why I like it so much, it’s short and concise.  What kind of things do you know?

They do having a calming effect.


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