Midnight Snack|| Caleb & Gerardo



He watched the vampire, climb onto his bike he shook his head and fished for the keys of his Audi R8 Coupe, which was parked on the corner of the road. “I’m good, mate,” he said waving his keys before climbing in. Turning on the ignition he quickly sped through New York traffic finding a suitable place to park near Times Square.

When he stepped out he took a moment to take in the sights. He had missed New York, the life it had was exquisite … a banquet ready to be eaten. He hadn’t originally intended on having a car, but the owner had come to an unfortunate end, and Cale decided. Why not? Considering how much he travelled around, it had come in handy and had become storage.

He met up with Gerardo in the square and looked around, thiking upon his answer before making a decision. “Hard Rock, easier to pick off the straggling imbeciles. Theatre district, they travel in crowd much more harder to separate them. Besides I’m in the mood for a drink.”

Gerardo nodded heading over to the Hard Rock café “Nice car by the way” before navigating his way through the crowds his senses being overwhelmed by all the sights, noise and most importantly the smells. He walked into the Café ready for whatever he may come across that evening. Approaching the bar which was almost full he sat in one of the spare chairs and ordered a rum and coke “and whatever my friend is having” He said gesturing to Cale.

“So why is the cruellest vampire alive living in the Institute running around at the Clave’s request?” Gerard asked taking a sip of his drink which the bartender had just brought. While listening Gerardo eyed the people at the bar, seeing who could be easily taken away and not be missed.


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