Midnight Snack|| Caleb & Gerardo



“Thanks, I didn’t have to pay a penny for it,” Caleb answered chuckling to himself as they walked over to the Hard Rock café. The business of the city was a refreshing sight in comparison to the bland, dull and solitary halls of the Institute.

They walked into the café and sat in one of the chairs in the bar. Cale’s eyes scanned the bar around them – searching for easy prey, maybe a couple of drunks wouldn’t hurt – they probably wouldn’t remember anything anyway nevermind how they ended up in a dirty, trashed alleyway, that’s if he let them live. In that case he was even going to be able to tell the tale. 

“Let’s see a beer for me is fine,” he said to the waiter with a tight smile, wishing him away. He leaned back in his chair looking at his fellow vampire laughing to himself.

“If you think I’m here because the Clave beckoned me to like a lost puppy you’re sorely mistaken. I do what I like and no one can stop me,” Cale replied shaking his head in disappointment. “I’m here just to rile up, my beloved friends, the shadowhunters. What about you?”

Gerardo kept surveying the bar looking around at for possible prey, with Caleb it would increase their choices but so far no one sparked his interest.  “Lost puppy is an image I think you could fit into if you wanted too, especially with Miss Carstairs around. After all she is the one to discover this ‘war’ is she not?” He asked before taking a sip of his drink. “I’m mainly around for the fun it’s going to bring, and when I heard about the war I wanted the best seat being at the Institute gives me that.”

Over Caleb’s shoulder Gerard saw two girls walking their way, one redhead and one brunette. They were giggling and gossiping to themselves both drunk as they tottered over ‘whispering’ about how Caleb looked like an actor on some vampire programme. “Heads up” he warned Caleb just as the brunette tapped his shoulder “Hi, I’m Sophie  and this is… wait what’s your name again?” she giggled at her friend.

“Oh my god Sarah you’re soooo drunk I’m Alex rememeber?” the redhead squealed back. Gerard smirked at the two fumbling women as they started to climb over Caleb. “Ladies, let us introduce ourselves, I’m Gerard and this is my friend Fido.” Gerardo said pointing at Cale positive the vampire would get him back later.  Sophie or Sarah laughed “That is sooo cool, my brother has a puppy named Fido.” At that Gerard burst out laughing at both her statement and in anticipation of Caleb’s reaction.


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