Midnight Snack|| Caleb & Gerardo



“She did discover this so called war, but I’m not here because she asked me. In fact I bet she’d rather not have me here,” he said with a smirk, he did like to antagonise the blonde shadowhunter. “I had been meaning to return to New York for some time anyway and this New Law gave me a reason to come and somewhere to stay. I was planning on renting an apartment but after what happened recently I decided otherwise.”

He followed Gerard’s gaze over his shoulder only to spot the perfect prey, two very drunk girls heading their way – giggling and stumbling as they walked over towards the bar. He had to roll his eyes as he overheard the girls whispering about his resemblance to some mundane actor from a vampire tv show. If only they knew, well, they will and soon. Turning back towards the bar, Gerard gave him an warning and nodding in acknowledgement.

He grinned politely at Sophie, while she struggled to introduce herself and her friend. He had to resist the urge to groan in annoyance as the two giggled to each other, quite literally leaning on top of him. When his companion introduced himself, Cale almost sighed in relief hoping that the girls attention would swiftly move away from him.Fido? Cale thought furiously, shooting his companion an angry glare. He quickly composed himself and offered a tight but still pleasing smile. “I’m actually called Cale. My friend here, thinks he’s funny, what do you beautiful ladies think?”

Gerard couldn’t help but smirk as Cale was torn between their meal and hitting him for the Fido joke.  “So your name isn’t Fido?”  Sophie sighed “Oh well, you’re still pretty cute.” She then sat on Cale’s lap and Gerard’s eyebrow rose slightly as he watched the girl clamber over his fellow vampire.

Watching her friend ‘claim’ Caleb the other girl, Alex, stumbled over to Gerardo, tripping she fell on him, her head on his chest.  Grabbing her he pulled the girl up, before sliding off his chair and placing her on it. “Wow” she giggled “You’re strong” she pawed at his arms. “Thanks” he said before offering the two girls a drink.

“Ooh, I’ll have a strawberry daiquiri” Sophie called out to the waiter from Cale’s lap, “And a Long Island iced tea for me” Alex chimed “Thanks Gerard.”

“It’s no problem, darling” he replied smirking again, the barman handed the girls their drinks while Gerardo paid. “You know, ladies” he said turning back to them “I was saying to my friend Cale that he looked like someone from this TV programme but I couldn’t quite remember who. You wouldn’t know by any chance would you?”


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