Midnight Snack|| Caleb & Gerardo



Cale was getting more and more agitated by the nattering of the two girls as they walked on and on, in search of somewhere to stay. These were the moments where Cale truly regretted not acquiring somewhere to stay in the city. After all taking dinner to the Institute was pushing the limits even for him, he still respected to an extent the rights of a host. They finally reached a bed and breakfast, ironically called Carmilla’s, it was as if fate were directing them here besides the sooner Cale was fed the better.

“That’s perfectly suitable for me,” cale agreed nodding, trying to ignore Sophie’s annoying childish whims.

Nevertheless he wrapped an arm around Sophie’s shoulder, as they led the girls into the lobby of the building. Staying at a distance, Cale listened attentively to the conversation between the teenage boy and Gerard. As if they were going to stay the entire night, in this place – Cale had better things to do than remain in the place all night.  He caught the keys Gerard tossed to him, offering his free hand to Sophie with his most charming smile. 

The girl’s pulse began to race almost immediately, which only made his grin bigger. Swinging the keys around his finger, he felt the girl press closer to him – he could almost taste the desperation in her already. This was going to be a easy meal, he thought to himself passing Gerard a knowing looking as they reached the elevator.

Gerardo smirked as the girls’ heartbeats flew through the roof and acknowledge Cale’s glance as they stepped onto the elevator.  He pressed the button for the second floor while the girls were still talking amongst themselves but their nerves were very evident but the lift doors soon opened with a ping. Gently pushing Alex out the elevator Gerard quickly turning around “See you later and have fun.” He said looking pointedly at Cale.

He and Alex entered the room and she had barely shut the door when Gerard picked up her and threw on the bed which was only a couple of feet away. She giggled in anticipation and Gerard smirking joined her on the bed pressing his lips to hers. Alex’s arms wrapped around his neck pulling him closer, making the kiss deeper.

Seconds later his tongue was plunging into her mouth exploring it depths her moans echoing in the room. Gerard dragged his mouth away peppering kisses slowly along her jaw and down her neck eventually reaching the base of her neck. He began to nibble in anticipation as his bloodlust grew.


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