“The Institute..” William said, slightly relieved but still confused why he was here. Why he was looking like seventeen again. The last thing he remembered were Tessa and Jem and he was playing his violin, seconds before he closed his eyes forever. Hopefully he could get into the Institute. Pulling down the hood he walked up the stairs quickly, saying the words.

“In the name of the Clave, I ask entry to this holy place…”

Though he was quite lost here. People would look at him quite judging. Well, he maybe was a little conspicuous but what else could he do about it. The big doors were opening, and he rushed into it, feeling a little strange.
Something wasn’t right. Like something or someone was trying to take his place, deep inside, as if there was someone captured.

Will turned around as he heared a sound.


Gerard was quite surprised to see the doors of the Institute open by themselves so decided to go investigate. He coughed to announce his presence to the stranger, who promptly turned around. “And who might you be?”


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