“I can explain that…” Kat said a little out of breath, leaning against the wall of her room and somehow she managed it to sneek in as the door suddenly flew open. “Help me get that demon blood of me. This shit burns..” She got up on her feet, slightly shaking.


Gerard was walking through the corridor towards his room when the scent of demon blood hit him, he ran excited at the prospect of a demon in the Institute. Bursting into a room he was disappointed to find Katerina simply covered in blood nonetheless he walked over to her and grabbing her arms dragged her into the bathroom “Of course it fucking burns, what else did you expect?” He asked before picking her up and plonking her back down in the bath. He grabbed the shower head and flicked open the taps so the water came rushing out. "How the fuck did you get yourself covered in demon blood?“ 



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