:”I am a Herondale… I am stubborn as an oxe, and horny like a rabbit. Its known everywhere. The gruff one started flirting with me; but I find myself interested in other… races.” I laugh and hold my bruised ribs. I looked up to see the vampire standing above me. He lived in the institute, I had seen him around, he was nice looking and Simon had talked to him a few times. 

“I think the better question is why the good looking vampire came to save this poor, but hot headed red head. You live at the institute; but Jace made no rules to save shadow hunters who flirt too much.”

“A Herondale? You must be Katerina then” When Gerard pronounced the name his accent came through stronger than usual but he didn’t really notice, the name Katerina was common in Italy especially when he was a mundane. “Well Miss Herondale I suppose I can’t argue with you on that one I suppose, he was hardly the best looking downworlder I’ve seen.” 

He noticed that she holding onto her ribs “They’re not broken are they? Shouldn’t you be whipping out your stele to draw a rune? That’s usually what you hunters do. As for saving you.. I don’t think the Clave or Jace Herondale for that matter would appreciate it if I ignored a shadowhunter in distress especially now I am living in one of their Institutes. No matter how big a flirt said shadowhunter is.” Gerardo paused before adding “I suppose since I know who you it is only fair you know my name. I am Gerardo Beltrano.”


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