Fighting was something I normally excelled at. Where my brother could create runes; I picked up combat skills. I was far from perfect; although right now I could hear my Daddy yelling at me. My form was off, and the four grown werewolves I was up against didn’t enjoy my sarcasm. “Hey, four buff…

When Gerardo caught the sight of the shadowhunter surrounded by four wolves he sighed normally he would have just left the hunter to fend for themselves, but now he knew he wouldn’t get away with especially since he was now living in the Institute. He pulled one of the werewolves away, they growled at him so Gerard bared his fangs. “You best leave now” he said pointing “You were barely defeating the hunter don’t think you can defeat us both. Leave now.” The wolves all left but one, the one Gerardo had pulled off the hunter.

He growled throwing himself at Gerard who punched him sending the wolf sprawling but he didn’t stop there, he walked over to the werewolf picked him up and threw up against the wall. The werewolf hit the wall so hard his rib cracked, and he groaned. “I told you to leave, this is your last chance if you don’t go now, I’ll kill you.” Gerardo said his voice full of disgust. Groaning the werewolf stood up slowly and spat at their feet before leaving. Sure the werewolf wouldn’t attack again Gerard turned to the shadow hunter “Why in hell did you start a fight with those idiots?”


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