Luke took in the other person’s features. Curly hair, dark eyes. He hadn’t seen this resident before. He decided to introduce himself first.

“I don’t think we’ve met yet, so I’m gonna introduce myself first. I’m Luke Garroway.”

The lycanthrope nodded at his companion before delivering his pun.

“Okay, so. Who was the least guilty president of the United States?”

Before telling the rest of the pun, he shoved his hand in his back pocket. His fingers curled around a small round object, and soon the round object was removed from its previous, warm position.

“Abraham Lincoln because,” he said, raising the tiny coin in front of his companion’s face. “he was in a cent.”

Gerardo was a little shocked, he knew the man standing in front of him was a werewolf but he hadn’t excepted it to be the famous Lucian Greymark. He then reprimanded himself, it made perfect sense for Luke Garroway to be here. Gerardo decided to wait for the pun before introducing himself, when he heard it he couldn’t help but laugh a little, he fun the pun funny  its it ingenuity and silliness.

“Very funny, I’m Gerardo Beltrano.”


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