Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



She followed Gerardo into the building followed quickly by Alváro, she stopped in her steps as another vampire crossed her path. He looked her over once, curiously raising his eyebrows at her and then looking back to the door where Gerardo had disappeared through. Danielle had  to roll her eyes at him – seriously was it that weird for Gerard to bring someone over? One stopped staring at her before grinning and outstretching a hand towards her.

“I’m Odin, welcome to the clan,” he said to her.

Dani scoffed staring at him, shaking his hand slowly with a tight smile on her face. “Danielle, nice to meet you but I’m not joining the clan.”

He actually seemed surprised at her answer, she rolled her eyes again with a small laugh walking to a much larger room where presumably the rest of the clan was sitting, eating pizza turned to look at Gerardo and then her. Dammit, this situation had gone from downhill into an inescapable trench. She smiled politely at them before glaring at Gerardo. Odin and Alváro entered the room, walking around her and sitting down with the other vampires.

“I’m Angus,” said a the burly vampire with a thick Scottish accent.

“I’m Helena, you’ll meet the other after they come back – welcome to the clan,” added an irish female voice.

Biting back a groan, she ran a hand through her hair – Gerardo was going to owe her, big time. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Gerardo making his way to the kitchen, probably to get pizza and some blood. “I’m Danielle, or Dani whatever you prefer and I hate to break to you but I’m not joining your clan – the only reason I’m here is because Beltrano effectively kidnapped me,” she said slowly moving towards the kitchen, “It’s probably worth adding, I’m definitely not fucking him – I have much better taste than him.”

She heard more laughing and she found herself laughing lightly until she entered the kitchen crossing her arms and glaring at the Clan leader’s back – keeping up her intense stare as he handed her a slice of pizza and a glass of blood. She set it to the side for a moment not really caring how loud she was , the vampires in the other room would hear them anyway.

“What do I want to talk about, Beltrano? You’ve got to be kidding me!” she stared, scoffing at him. “You kidnap me and take me to your clan. How dare you! After I specifically told you that I wasn’t interested in joining a clan or even thinking about joining a clan and I’m not even ready to join a clan again. You owe me big time. Seriously, although to be honest it’s amusing to watch you fluster at their assumptions because that’s all it really is.”

Gerard casually continued eating his pizza as Dani ranted at him “Look Danielle, I don’t really see the problem, if you don’t want to join the clan than don’t. It may surprise you but no one is here by force the only reason everyone is welcoming you is because I don’t bring people back unless they’re joining. When you tell them you’re not it is only natural for them to assume we’re fucking but really why else would I bring back a woman? By the way there are 36 of us so you might want to get used to it.” He drank from his glass before adding “I was not flustered, honestly what brought you to that conclusion? Very well I owe you, as you wish. Now stop sulking and make some friends. Eat your pizza, Sienna is quite good at it.”

As he finished Joan walked into the kitchen “Lover’s tiff?” the French woman asked

“Stai zitto, Joan.  You were standing out there the whole time, weren’t you?”

She smirked “I didn’t get any pizza, and I heard about your new lady friend, Danielle.”

“Bullshit you don’t even like pizza, plus Danielle prefers to be called Dani.”

“I don’t hear you calling her Dani.”

“Yes but I like to piss people off, now stop ignoring her and talk to her.”

“Very well commandant, as you wish” Joan walked over to Dani and kissed her three times on the cheek “Bonjour, my name is Jeanne Dubois and I helped the French revolutionaries storm the Bastille how do you do?” Gerard rolled his eyes at the vampire’s greeting watching the two in amusement as he began eating another slice of pizza. A minute or two later Reinhart appeared in the kitchen, his blonde hair sticking up everywhere.

“Gerard, hva gjør du her? Hvem er hun?”

“Ciao Reinhart, another afternoon nap?” Gerardo asked gesturing to the vampire’s bed head.  “Dani Raine, she’s just a friend from the Institute”

Gerard noticed the renewed interest in the vampire’s expression, as Gerard mentioned the Institute—a place the whole clan had expressed a huge interest despite being told repeatedly that it was quite boring.

“You mean Gerry has friends?” Riley asked running into the kitchen and hugging Gerard. He grimaced at the nickname “What have I said about that stupid name? Back from your date already?”

“Ah, you know you love it really” she chided letting go of Gerard “Course we did when Alvie text Blake to say you were home.” Before turning around to Dani and hugging her as well “Hello, I’m Riley. Nice to meet you, and welcome to House Beltrano, fangs and blood, our sigil is the red fox.”

Nikolaj groaned as he walked in the kitchen to refill his glass “Stop saying that. We don’t live in fucking Westeros.” The Dane groaned

“Maybe not but you know what Westeros is.” Riley said pointing at Nikolaj

“I actually like Game of Thrones, I don’t just watch it because it turns me on.” He accused the girl.

“Fuck off, I know you’re attracted to Cersei.”

“Are you really arguing about a Game of Thrones again?” Charlie asked, his tone bored “Riley, your boyfriend is wondering where you are”

As Riley left the kitchen Charlie slipped passed Dani, slying pickpocketed her phone which no one but Gerard noticed “Charles, Danielle is guest, refrain from stealing from her, alright?”

Charlie pouted at the clan leader but handed Dani her phone back.


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