Clan Meetings|| Dani & Gerard



She’d showered and gotten changed into a simple pair of dark jeans, a vest, leather jacket and boots – she felt like she needed the air tonight and decided to go out for a midnight walk through New York, nothing too special. Taking a step out into the hallways, she checked her pockets making sure she had everything she needed, all seemed in order so she turned to make sure way down the hallway and out the Institute for her stroll.

Someone suddenly took her by the arm, dragging her through the hallway. A moment of panic swept quickly swept over her, but passed when she recognised the voice of the person dragging her away – only to be confirmed when she looked up. Gerardo Beltrano, she thought to herself narrowing her eyes at him as he continued to pull her through the corridors. 

“I knew you were to the point but this is a bit too much to the point. What the hell are you doing?” she hissed at him, trying to pull her arms away from his grasp, “Where are you dragging me off to?”

Gerard rolled his eyes at the vampire “There’s no such thing as too much.” He said just to wind her up “I think it’s pretty clear what I’m doing, I’m bringing you with me” He let go of Dani’s arm to grab her wrist instead.  “We’re going to Staten Island, alright?”  Dani kept struggling, so Gerard-getting fed up- stopped walking. He turned around and picking the vampire up tossed her onto his shoulder, making sure she was secure he continued walking.

He didn’t say another word as he walked out of the Institute and was glad they didn’t see anyone on the way. Gerard was looking across the street for his bike when an old lady bumped into him “Oh, sorry…. Why do you have that young woman thrown over your shoulder?” Gerard looked down at the woman “It’s no problem; oh my girlfriend fainted for a minute or two so I’m bringing her to the hospital.” The lie rolled easily off his tongue and the old lady smiled “Well I hope she’s ok” before walking off. “Huh,

Gerard then crossed the road over to his bike, Dani still on his shoulder. “”Here we go”  he said taking her of his shoulder and on his bike.


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