Clan Meetings|| Dani and Gerard


It was 2am and Gerard, not really needing the sleep, was lying on his bed reading Dante’s Inferno when his phone vibrated. He picked it up and read the text his second-in-command, Alvaro. “You need to visit, Volpe"  Gerard sighed before typing a reply Fine, I’m on my way.

Gerard put his book down and got up quickly changing into a new pair of black jeans and a burgundy red knit jumper. He grabbed his phone and keys before leaving his room and shutting the door on his way. As he walked he thought of his clan: it was quite small, it only had about 30ish members at any one time. Gerard liked to think that it was because they were a nomadic clan, but he also knew that their tendency to fight others and a slight reluctance to change anyone also came to play.

His phone vibrated again We’ll see you soon then Seeing his text made Gerard think of Alvaro. Similarly to Gerard he had a troubled childhood growing up in Santiago de Compostela but he, unlike Gerard, welcomed the bite and was eager to join the clan, he joined mere months before Gerard took over. They became quite good friends as the years went by.

Gerard was pulled back to reality when he noticed someone in the hallway, they weren’t facing him just outside her room. With little thought Gerard grabbed her arm and started pulling her with him.  “Come along, Raine.”


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