“Being turned has been just a hoot,” she muttered under her breath, ignoring his questions as she kept walking away. She continued to ignore him and rolled her eyes at him with a small scoff, a clan? No way, was she ever being part of a clan again. 

“When I told you I was going to get a drink, I wasn’t inviting you. Take a hint,” she said. groaning to herself. “If you keep your hands off me, I won’t need to hit you again. “

Gerard smiled a little upon hearing Dani scoff “Don’t worry Dani, every member of my clan is willing to be there. So I won’t be asking you to join us.”

“I’m not joining you for the pleasure of your company, don’t get me wrong our little chat has been most… entertaining. No I’m joining for the alcohol and unfortunately I don’t know the way hence my following you.”


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