“Is this it?”



“Oh really? Then tell me, how does my mind work?”

“Are you sure you reall.. Actually no I’m not going to give you the courtesy to bow out.  I will tell you Dani Raine what I know about you just from our short conversation.” Gerard paused partially for a dramatic flare and partially to take a second to breathe. “Well as we have established you don’t like clan leaders now you may just have an random grudge but I’d bet you did something that pissed them off, really pissed them off. They probably got the Clave involved and I’m sure the Clave had something to do with your punishment, I’m also certain that part of your punishment was exile. I’d like to think that when you first turned you were a bit of a troublemaker so I’m sure the Clave had fun punishing you.“ 

"In comparison to myself I believe you’re quite young so your wounds have yet to close. Now all that plus your adherence to emotions leaves me thinking you fell in love. You’re not stupid so it wasn’t a mundane. No, a fellow Downworlder, another vampire would be too easy even if your clans were enemies. The fay and warlock don’t in, my experience, fall for vampires, not long term at least. Which leaves.. ah it all fits like a puzzle.” Gerard smirked almost sadistically as everything started to come together.

“Oh Danielle, did he kill your precious wolf? I bet your clan leader and the Clave burned him right in front of you. You probably think that you’ve learnt from your mistake, that you won’t fall again but darling I don’t believe that. Dio, I think the only lesson you’ve learnt here is that the children of the night and moon don’t mix for good reasons.  In conclusion your heart is broken by love, you hate the Clave and clan leaders and now you probably think that I’m an arrogant bastard.” He stop and stared for a couple of seconds “Well, Dani how was that? I’ll admit it wasn’t really what I had in mind when you asked your question but I think it still fits in. What about yourself, want to try reading my mind?” Gerard asked trying to provoke Dani a little, it wasn’t that he didn’t like her but he found this more entertaining.


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